Organizing Committee denies IOC postponement cost "agree with Japan"

On the 21st, the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games announced on the 21st that the International Olympic Committee [IOC] announced on the official website Q & A [date 20] that the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , Japan has agreed to continue to bear the current contract terms and conditions already agreed, "he clearly denied. It was also clarified that the IOC was requested to delete the relevant part.

The official comments announced by the Organizing Committee are as follows.

"In the last week's Executive Project Review [executive executive negotiations], we confirmed that this is a common issue for the impact of postponement including costs, and we will jointly evaluate and discuss all of them. In a telephone conference between Prime Minister Abe and Chairman [IOC] Bach on March 24, there was no fact that the cost burden was taken up. I don't think it is appropriate to quote the Prime Minister's name in, so I'm requesting that it be removed.In any case, IOC and Japan will continue to jointly evaluate this common issue, We will continue the discussion. "

After that, there was also a supplement that the deletion requested to the IOC by the Organizing Committee was "quoting Prime Minister Abe's name, and more than what both parties agreed upon." Requests for deletion are sent by email and adjustments are being made at the administrative level. At the time of the press response started at 2:15 pm, the European Commission said that Europe time was in the morning, so there was no response yet. Postponed due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, an additional cost of about 300 billion yen is expected, and the cost burden becomes a problem.

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