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"Origami Pay" all services ended-Engadget Japan version

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<p>Origami Pay has finished all services today (June 30th) at night.</p>
<p>Former Senior Director of Origami, after the acquisition by Merpay, Shingo Fushimi, who is an executive officer at Merpay, posted the final settlement story by Origami Pay on his Twitter account. He said that he used it for payment at "Toranoana Shinjuku store" which can be used until 22:00.</p>
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Origami Pay is a pioneer in QR code payment in Japan that started service in May 2016. By strengthening alliances with Shinkin Banks all over Japan, we focused on developing member stores in local small and medium-sized enterprises.

At the same time, the presence of the SoftBank affiliate PayPay was weakening as competition for shareholder returns intensified and the major battlefield for smartphone payments became large companies with capital strength.

Merpay, which acquired Origami and partnered with Docomo, has its background

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