Osaifu-Keitai compatible 30,000 yen level, affordable smartphone "OPPO Reno A"

"OPPO" introduced as a Japanese original model "Reno A”Was originally developed for the Japanese market, including FeliCa and waterproof / dustproof performance. Smartphones that have high performance for comfortable 3D game play, and very high cost performance with a tax-exclusive price of around 35,000 yen. Let's check the functions and performance of the Reno A.

The standard appearance also uses a large organic EL screen

First of all, the appearance of Reno A, but the size is width 75.4 x height 158.4 x thickness 7.8 mm, weight 169.5 g. As an impression that I actually have in my hand, it is a standard size feeling for a modern smartphone equipped with a 6-inch class display. I feel like I won't be dissatisfied unless I demand compactness.

  • OPPO Reno A

    Front of Reno A. Equipped with a 6.4-inch organic EL display, realizing a high screen occupancy ratio with a drop-shaped notch, etc.

The display is 6.4 inches, and the resolution is full HD + [2,340 × 1,080 dots], such as organic EL. It can be said that the water drop-type notch, which is often used by Oppo smartphones, achieves a high screen occupancy ratio of 91%.

Also equipped with a built-in fingerprint sensor, which is increasingly used in recent Oppo devices. There is no fingerprint sensor on the back or side, and a flat and clean design other than the camera part is realized.

  • OPPO Reno A

    Like the recent Oppo terminal, the fingerprint authentication sensor is built in the center bottom of the display.

The main body color is blue and black, and both colors are calm. Both are colors that were adopted from the results of street surveys in Japan. From this point, you can see how much power is being put into the Japanese market.

  • OPPO Reno A

    Since there is no fingerprint sensor on the back, the design is neat. Black is a standard shade

In addition to the USB Type-C terminal used for charging, an earphone terminal is also provided at the bottom of the main unit. Nowadays, the number of smartphones without earphone terminals is increasing and the number of users using wireless earphones is increasing rapidly. However, it is still a merit that you can use your existing earphones as they are.

  • OPPO Reno A

    In addition to the USB Type-C connector on the bottom of the main unit, it also has an earphone terminal

Waterproof to FeliCa, domestic functions and performance

Reno A is a model originally developed in Japan, and it has many functions that are highly conscious of Japanese users in addition to color.

The big thing is that you can use “Osaifu-Keitai” with FeliCa. Along with the consumption tax increase, cashless payments using smartphones are attracting a great deal of attention due to the “cashless / consumer return business” point reduction system implemented by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This is a very nice point, because electronic money can be settled faster than QR code payment.

  • OPPO Reno A

    In a sense, it is equipped with FeliCa which can be said to be the biggest point of Reno A. There is a FeliCa mark in the center of the back

Many overseas manufacturers that offer SIM-free smartphones are reluctant to respond to FeliCa [because FeliCa is almost not used outside Japan and costs more]. Therefore, FeliCa compatible SIM-free smartphones currently have few options. That's why it was introduced in 2018.R15 ProFollowing this, I am very impressed with the support of Oppo, which introduced FeliCa compatible models.

  • OPPO Reno A

    Not only can you make payments using the "Osaifu-Keitai" app, but you can also read the balance of an electronic money card

Another thing we are aware of in Japan is that it has IP67 dust and water resistance. Although IP68 dustproof and waterproof performance is not common with smartphones manufactured by domestic manufacturers, it can still be said that the anxiety in daily use scenes such as water splashing on the smartphone can be sufficiently resolved.

Another important point in using in Japan is the correspondence between frequency bands and VoLTE. Reno A is compatible with VoLTE of 4 companies [NTT DoCoMo, au, Softbank, Rakuten Mobile], and 1.7GHz band [Band 3] of Rakuten Mobile, and 1.5GHz band [Band 11] of the band of 3 major domestic companies. Compatible with bands other than / 21].

Although it has decreased recently, there are many terminals that are not compatible with KDDI [au] major bands and VoLTE, or have been very late in responding, so it has almost supported the bands and VoLTE of the four major companies. It can be said that the sense of security is high.

Reno A is quite aware of Japan, but if I dare to say, I wanted a strap hole with deep-rooted domestic needs. Of course, you can wear a case with a strap hole, but some users, like the author, find it harder to hold when the case is attached. If you were singing only for domestic use, wouldn't it be okay if you boiled that far?

Dual cameras and cameras focused on SELPHY

Next, let's check the camera functions that Oppo is focusing on. The main camera of Reno A has a dual camera structure, but the shooting itself is handled by a 16 million pixel camera. The other 2 million pixel camera is used for distance measurement to capture portraits with a blurred background.

  • OPPO Reno A

    The main camera has a dual structure of 16 million pixels + 2 million pixels. Actual shooting is handled by a 16 million pixel camera

This is a camera function that is becoming increasingly complex with recent smartphones, but with Reno A, the settings that can usually be selected are grouped into three types: "Photos", "Movies", and "Portraits". It also has a function to automatically detect the subject, so you can easily take beautiful pictures.

  • OPPO Reno A
  • OPPO Reno A

    Portrait photography using a dual camera makes it easy to take a photo with a blurred background. However, it seems necessary to get close to the subject.

Portrait photography using a dual camera makes it easy to take a photo with a blurred background. However, it seems that the subject needs to be quite close

The “dazzle color mode” is also a feature of Reno A's camera. This is to achieve natural colors by correcting the photo at the pixel level using AI technology. When you actually shoot, it is an impression that it is effective in scenes where the subject is too bright and overexposed, or where the subject tends to appear dark.

  • OPPO Reno A

    Photos taken with the dazzle color mode off

  • OPPO Reno A

    Photos taken with the dazzle color mode turned on. Dark areas are bright and appear in natural colors

And the front camera has only 25 million pixels, which is only an oppo that focuses on selfies, and has a higher pixel count than the main camera. Of course, the facial features can also be customized for details such as the eyes, nose and face outline. For those who are particular about selfies, this is a very useful function.

  • OPPO Reno A

    The front camera is equipped with an image sensor with 25 million pixels, which has a higher pixel count than the main camera. It is also equipped with a beautiful face function that Opppo puts effort into

High enough to enjoy 3D games

The basic performance is one of the strengths of Reno A. Reno A is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 710 and 6GB of RAM on the chipset, which was released in December 2018.R17 ProThe same spec. It is equipped with chipset "Snapdragon 855" for high-end modelsReno 10x ZoomAlthough the performance drops compared to “, '' even though the performance of the camera etc. is still different, the performance equivalent to the R17 Pro that was priced close to 70,000 yen at the beginning of the release was realized in the 30,000 yen range Have a surprise.

It is a game that makes good use of this high performance. Reno A is equipped with the same “Game Boost 2.0” as Reno 10x Zoom, which not only blocks app notifications and incoming calls that tend to be jammed during the game, but also increases the drawing speed and tap response speed By doing so, we have created an environment where you can comfortably enjoy advanced 3D games.

  • OPPO Reno A

    "Game Boost" for comfortable game play has been upgraded to 2.0. Advanced 3D games etc. can be played comfortably enough

By the way, the normal SIM free version is 64GB, but Rakuten Mobile's original "Reno A 128GB" is increased to 128GB as the name suggests. Both models support up to 256GB of micro SD, so it can be said that it is a strength to be able to increase the volume in the event of an emergency. Reno A is compatible with dual SIM and dual VoLTE [DSDV], and it should be noted that microSD is exclusively used with one SIM slot.

  • OPPO Reno A

    SIM slot supports DSDV and can use SIM of a wide range of mobile phone companies. microSD is exclusively used with one SIM slot

Reno A has all these functions and performance, and the price of the 30,000 yen level while supporting FeliCa is an amazing cost performance. So far, people who shy away from overseas SIM-free smartphones because they can't use FeliCa even if they're cheap can be purchased with Reno A with peace of mind.

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