Osaka Toin, aiming for consecutive championships, first match on the 30th, high school rugby lottery

A combined lottery for the National High School Rugby Tournament [December 27, Osaka, Hanazono Rugby Field] was held in Osaka on the 7th.

Aiming for the second straight victory, B-seeded Osaka Toho [Osaka No. 1] played against the winners of Kagoshima Kogyo-Kakei Gakuen [Ibaraki] in the second round of the 30th. A Seed Toho Gakuen [Kanagawa], which won the spring selection tournament, will also fight the winner of Nagasaki Hokuyodai-Kiryu Daiichi [Gunma] in the second round [30th].

Athlete oath at the opening ceremony was decided by Captain Takabe [Miyazaki] FB Ryo Hosmoto. Hosonomoto was amazed at the puzzle, saying, “I'm surprised. The World Cup is over, so I want to talk about it.”

This tournament will include 51 schools including Aomori Yamada and Oita Tomei. The final will take place on January 7, 20th.

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