Osaka Triumphal Milk Boy prefers square-cutting to advance to Tokyo?

Milk Boy, who won the M-1 Grand Prix in Manzai, Japan's best match on March 22, appeared on the 23rd at the Yoshimoto Manzai Theater in Osaka.

When Komaba Takashi [33] and Utsumi Takashi [34] appeared, great applause came from the venue.

After the performance, Utsumi responded to the interview and said, "I haven't slept for one minute since the championship yesterday. But today's first stage was a big applause. was happy.

Utsumi has declared that he will marry her dating partner in victory. Touching that, she said, "I value her who has been dating for eight years. I feel like I'm good. did.

Before Yoshimoto came to the theater, he met Koji Imada [53], the host of the M-1, on recording, and revealed that Imada was pleased with the victory.

When asked to enter Tokyo, Utsumi asked the reporters the reverse question, "What do you think?" Komaba says, "I want to calm down and have a strategy meeting." Utsumi of Kakukari had his hair cut by "Kakuri Skill Contest Japan's third-largest person" and laughed, "I'll cut it at Tsukamoto [in Osaka] so I'll stop it." It will be consulted in the future.

Milk Boy has been a live entertainer in Tennoji-ku, Osaka for three years in the revitalization project by Yoshimoto Kogyo. Komaba said, "I want to have a parade," and Utsumi said, "The ward office is pleased.

Milk Boy's desktop calendar has been released exclusively for Yoshimoto Manzai Theater since the 23rd. It is said that more than 100 books have already been sold.

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