Osako and Yuta Shitara are battling / Tokyo Marathon

The old and new Japanese record holders face off against each other.

Both Osako Jie [28 = Nike], who has a Japanese record of 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 50 seconds, and Yuta Shitara [28 = Honda], who has a previous Japan record of 2 hours, 6 minutes, and 11 seconds, both entered. Osako has the right to be the third representative of the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic], but loses the right if another player enters the new Japan. The final battle for the Olympics and the new Japan bonus of 100 million yen will begin.

Players starting the Tokyo Marathon [photo by Ryuji Shibata]
Players starting the Tokyo Marathon [photo by Ryuji Shibata]

◆ Race progress

* Records are preliminary figures

◆ 35 kgThe top passed at 1 hour 42 minutes 49 seconds. The pace slowed down a bit and it was 2 hours 3 minutes 57 seconds. Osako, the top of the Japanese, is 5th at 1:43:36. Inoue, the second-ranked Japanese, finished 12th at 1:44:05. Kikuchi, the third-largest Japanese driver, is 1:44:11. The 14th place was Yuta Shitara [Honda], Daisuke Uemon [Otsuka Pharmaceutical], Yuta Shimoda [GMO Athletes], Toshiki Sadakata [MHPS], Ryu Takaku [Yakult], and Maki Kimura [Honda] at 1:44:36. Ogura ranked 20th with a delay of 1:44:46

◆ 32.7 kgOsako stands on the front of the 5th place group and pulls off. Inoue falls to the end of the group with a painful expression

◆ 32 kgOsako catches up with Inoue and others

◆ 30 kg先頭 The leading group of Reggese, Rema and Mengstu passed at 1:27:42. The expected finish is 2 hours 3 minutes 22 seconds. Finally, the remaining pacemaker comes off. 4th place is Kauriuki. Inoue et al.'S fifth place group is 2 hours 28 minutes 28 seconds, and the finish is expected to be in the 2 hours 4 minutes range. Osako is 12th in 1 hour 28 minutes 40 seconds. Kento Kikuchi [Konica Minolta], who has risen to third place in the Japanese, is 13th in 1:28:43. Ogura, the 14th place group Shitara, passed in 1 hour 29 minutes 9 seconds

◆ 26.4 kmThe top is Reggese, Rema and Mengstu. Fourth place Mora, fifth place group: Chumba, Inoue, Karoki, El Abashi, Abdi, Mora. Inoue finish forecast is 2 hours 3 minutes

◆ 25 kg先頭 The top group of Reggese and others passed in 1 hour, 13 minutes and 15 seconds. The expected finish is 2 hours, 3 minutes and 48 seconds. Inoue passed 10th at 1:13:25, and Osako passed 12th at 1:13:32. Shigaraki, Ogura and Sato from the 14th place passed in 1 hour 13 minutes 52 seconds

◆ 23.7 kmThe pacemaker comes off sooner than planned, the pace rises at a stretch, the leading group becomes vertical, and Osako is delayed until the end of the group. Inoue, who was at the head of the group so far, falls to the middle of the group

◆ 22.7 km迫 Osako begins to lag behind the leading group

◆ 21.5 km村 Murayama is late in the second group. Sato is at the top, and the Shitara at the top is a little lower

◆ Intermediate point先頭 The top group of Inoue and Osako passed in 1 hour, 2 minutes and 1 second. Inoue races at the head of the group, Osako races behind

◆ 20 kgThe leading group of Inoue and Osako, who have 13 people behind Ekill, has passed 58 minutes and 41 seconds. 2 hours 3 minutes 48 seconds pace. Shitara, Murayama, Sato, Ogura and other groups passed in 59 minutes and 3 seconds

◆ 16.3 kgThe back group of Osako and others catch up, and the first group, which had been divided into two, becomes one again and returns to a group of 14 people. Leaders are Reggese, Inoue, Mora, Ekir, Chumba, Rema, Remi, Mengstu, Karoki, El-Abashi, Kariki, Osako, Kipult, Abdi.

◆ 15 kg先頭 The leading group of Inoue et al passed in 43:58. 2 hours 3 minutes 46 seconds pace. Osako passed in 44 minutes and 1 second. Murayama, Shitara, Sato, Ogura and others ranked 15th in 44 minutes and 17 seconds

◆ 13.6 kgThe first group is divided into two, and Osako, Abdi, Karoki and Kipult retreat to the 11th group behind. 3 seconds difference from Inoue's head group

◆ 10 kg1The first group of 14 people, including Inoue and Osako, passed in 29 minutes and 11 seconds. 2 hours 3 minutes 21 seconds pace. The second group's Shitara passed in 29 minutes and 27 seconds.

◆ 7 kgThe leading groups are Reggese, Inoue, Mora, Ekir, Chumba, Rema, Remi, Mengstu, Karoki, El-Abashi, Kauriuki and Osako. Slightly late Kipult, Abdi

◆ 5 kgThe head passed in 14 minutes and 33 seconds. Inoue and Osako are the leaders of the super-high pace of 2 hours 3 minutes 46 seconds. Shitara is the second group in Japan's new pace of 2 hours 5 minutes 11 seconds. The other Japanese players in the second group who are 7 seconds behind are Kamimon, Murayama, Sato, Kaneko, and Sadakata

◆ 1 kg通過 Passed in 2 minutes and 55 seconds. Inoue attaches right behind the pacemaker. Osako wearing a hat is behind it. Shitara is located in the middle of the group

◆ Start号 The gun was fired at 9:10 am The weather is sunny, temperature 11.7 degrees, humidity 48%, northwest wind 1.5 meters.

Start the Tokyo Marathon. From the right center, Jie Osako [black hat], Yuta Shitara [white hats], and behind it are Daihi Inoue [photographed by Ryuji Shibata]
Start the Tokyo Marathon. From the right center, Jie Osako [black hat], Yuta Shitara [white hats], and behind it are Daihi Inoue [photographed by Ryuji Shibata]

It is expected that Osako, Shitara and Inoue will lead the race. Also pay attention to Yakult, who set a new Japanese record in the half marathon. The winning candidate is Bilhall Regese [Ethiopia], who has a record of 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 48 seconds. In the previous tournament, despite the bad conditions of heavy rain, we won the 2nd place by 2 minutes 4 minutes 48 seconds, 2 minutes behind


◆ Men's marathon representative of the Tokyo Olympics

There are three frames. Shogo Nakamura [27 = Fujitsu] and Yuma Hattori [26 = Toyota Motor] ranked first in MGC last September. The remaining one is the fastest player to break the record set by the Japan Federation of Japan [2 hours, 5 minutes, 49 seconds] in the designated tournament [MGC Final Challenge] until March this year. If no match is found, Osako in third place will win an Olympic ticket. In Fukuoka International last December, Taku Fujimoto, the top Japanese player, was unable to break through at 2:09:36. The remaining MGC Final Challenge is this race and Lake Biwa Everyday [8th].

◆ Highlights of the Tokyo Marathon

◆ High-speed race6It is rated as the world's highest peak “World Marathon Majors” at six world championships. Outside of Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York. This time, the number of invited players from overseas is one of the world's top levels, with one record for two hours and two minutes, two persons for three minutes and five persons for four minutes. The winning prize is 11 million yen. Bonuses include a world record of 30 million yen, a Japanese record of 5 million yen, and a tournament record of 3 million yen.

◆ New Japan Bonus連 合 The Japan Business Federation has a bonus of 100 million yen on the marathon record. Yu Shitara won the 18th tournament with 2 hours, 6 minutes and 11 seconds. This year's tournament will be the second time for the Tokyo Marathon.

◆ Overlap with the phantom Olympic courseる Travel around famous places in Tokyo such as Asakusa and Nihonbashi. Although partly overlapped with the Tokyo Olympics course, it was decided to move to Sapporo last year.

◆ Invited players

[1] Birhanu Reggese [25 = Ethiopia] 2 hours 2 minutes 48 seconds

[2] Getane Mora [26 = Ethiopia] 2 hours 3 minutes 34 seconds

[3] Shisai Lema [29 = Ethiopia] 2 hours 3 minutes 36 seconds

[4] Asepha Mengstu [32 = Ethiopia] 2 hours 4 minutes 6 seconds

[5] Dickson Chumba [33 = Kenya] 2 hours 4 minutes 32 seconds

[6] Haile Remi [25 = Ethiopia] 2 hours 4 minutes 33 seconds

[7] Elhasan El-Abashi [35 = Bahrain] 2h 4m 43s

[8] Titus Equil [28 = Kenya] 2 hours 4 minutes 46 seconds

[9] Amos Kipult [27 = Kenya] 2 hours 5 minutes 43 seconds

[10] Bidan Karoki [29 = Kenya] 2 hours 5 minutes 53 seconds

[11] Basil Abdi [30 = Belgium] 2h6m14s

[21] Takashi Osako [28 = Nike] 2 hours 5 minutes 50 seconds

[22] Yuta Shitara [28 = Honda] 2 hours 6 minutes 11 seconds

[23] Daihi Inoue [27 = MHPS] 2 hours 6 minutes 54 seconds

[24] Kenji Yamamoto [30 = Mazda] 2 hours 8 minutes 42 seconds

[25] Kenta Murayama [26 = Asahi Kasei] 2 hours, 8 minutes, 56 seconds

[26] Yuki Sato [33 = Nissin Foods Group] 2 hours 8 minutes 58 seconds

[27] Jun Sonoda [30 = Harima Kurosaki] 2 hours 9 minutes 34 seconds

[28] Daichi Jinno [26 = cell source] 2 hours 10 minutes 18 seconds

[29] Kensuke Horio [23 = Toyota Motor] 2 hours 10 minutes 21 seconds

[30] Koji Kawai [28 = Toenec] 2 hours 10 minutes 50 seconds

[31] Hideune Dairokuno [27 = Asahi Kasei] 2 hours 21 minutes 47 seconds

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