Osako's concept is to explore new races and challenge the limits

Osako [28 = Nike], who set a new marathon record in the Tokyo Marathon for 2 hours, 5 minutes and 29 seconds, was calm on the 2nd day after the race. He met in Tokyo and said, "Relieved."

The man who continues to rewrite the history of the Japanese marathon is thinking of unusual attempts by active players. We are preparing to create a new race of "big concept to challenge the limits of the Japanese" to the prospect of the next spring. The race, which seeks time, has revealed that he intends to hold it "nationally", "not only marathon but also other events." If you ask if you are considering holding a track event, it is. He said, "I would like to provide the correct information at the stage of various preparations."

Towards the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic], which made great progress toward the representative, he said, "There is nothing in particular." The training bases in Kenya and the United States are expected to be adjusted "using good parts".

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