Osamu Tezuka was revived? AI drew the new cartoon”full of what”Kodansha”morning”from

Last year’s NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen”in song by Hibari Misora”to the AI [artificial intelligence]is reproduced,a new song was also unveiled as the topic was. The deceased to the AI in the Su to try the ethics of the problem, you can now”Osamu Tezuka”manga is AI drawn.

【Here】Kohaku appeared in the”AI song by Hibari Misora”on the pros and cons

Osamu Tezuka is the”cartoon God”, but his new works are a modern class of people? Simple question where. His work is to”predict the future”power there,60 years ago of the works of modern satire is depicted to be remembered for a long time.

AI drawn by Tezuka Osamu’s new cartoon”full of what”is 2 months 27 days to be released,comic magazine”morning”[Kodansha]published in the. Human and AI after this, the upper demons punish as in, the story is AI, but you seemed to think so. The main character also AI is drawn out and seems to have a Tezuka work for a while do not read of evaluation is not possible.

The stage is by 2030 in Tokyo, the protagonist”full of what”, the”society to turn away homeless philosopher”seems to have become. A fairly contemporary setting,rather Osamu Tezuka works as”modern”and too”futuristic”feel…. and….. Humans finish as AI, is”Osamu Tezuka manga to predict the future talent”can be reproduced to be of interest to.

“Astro Boy”, What Would the robots of the future was. Now if you see,Astro is”feasible robot”to have nearly 60 years before the mass production ERA and the use of nuclear power prophesied that,at the time, and feel very fresh also. This time,”full of what”of”homeless philosopher”of the setting, contrary to the”student movement”thriving in the 1970’s left-wing thought to feel.

At the time of Tezuka works of impression and I still remember that,”condominium”prophesied was the scene. Similar buildings are produced in large quantities, there live human beings who are on the current US. Mass-criticized left-wing thought, but now it seems not so.

About nuclear is,Tezuka is”hope”by thought of the obvious. But”Astro Boy”or”Astro[nuclear]”can fly this robot was. The prediction is outside even was there in the era of”look to the future and to impress you”, I also have this and was.

This attempt, like Osamu Tezuka’s outstanding talent to once again feel the fun is much welcome. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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