Osteopathic・Massage Industry,Market Expansion is also small contractor bankruptcy of the increase in the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank is Osteopathic・health technology・massage contractor of the company about the announcement to open new stores, such as the market is expanding while the competition is intense and small carrier bankruptcies will increase in the coming years.

【Here】Glasses・watch shop of the number of bankruptcies in 2019, the year-on-year 2. 8 times the small shop strictly Tokyo Shoko Research survey

■Market size of 2,000 billion to more than

11, The Empire data Bank is Osteopathic・health technology・massage of the Supplier Management survey results announced. This is the company’s corporate Summary File”COSMOS2″, from 2018 FY of income high were found osteopathic・medical surgical・massage suppliers 2090 Company minutes extract・analysis.

2,090 company from 3 consecutive financial results turned out 1,888 tell us about an income high total calculated far, in fiscal year 2016 1,826,4 billion 200 million yen,17 year 1,945 7 billion,900 million yen [year-on-year 6. 5%], and 18 year 2,038 4 billion,800 million yen [the same 4. 8%increase] tends to increase it. Soft provide teachers of National Qualifications”managed by Osteopathic”of the newcomers were numerous and the elderly, mainly of the Repeater Increases were a factor.

Furthermore, the 17, 18 year of earnings turns out 1,997 company, out of the 18 fiscal year increased by 356 companies [total of 17. 8%], sales has 248 companies [the same 12. 4%], unchanged[change less than 3%] May 1,393, Inc. [the 69. 8%] was.

■Small companies are 8% greater

Above 1,997 companies, the income increased to 1 billion yen of operators 1,656 companies [a total of 82. 9%], also 18 year of financial results was found 2,090 company of 10 employees of less than Trader 1,702 Inc. [the 81. 4%], and small companies 8 percent more than accounted for that.

2,090 companies, the business history is less than 10 years, the company has 759 companies [the same 36. 3%]. Osteopathic Center in recent years, the newcomers were numerous, with short business history of companies the percentage has been rising. However, 10 years more than 30 years has 946 companies [the same 45. 3%], 30 years more than 50 years has 295 companies [the same 14. 1%], 50 years and 100 years are 87 companies [from the same 4. 2%], 100 years more than 3 companies [0.1%] and history of the long carrier as well.

■Small carrier bankruptcies

2000 years later the osteopathic・medical surgical・massage supplier bankruptcies of Japan 2005 years 1-digit, but later on an increasing trend, with 18 year record of 85 entries to increase. 19 years and 10 months in 78 cases of the number of bankruptcies and the number of updates that momentum only.

In recent years, intensified competition against the background of a small contractor bankruptcy is increasing, and”acupuncture massage or chiropractic, relaxation suppliers and competitors, a shakeout is to accelerate the potential”noted. In addition, health insurance is stricter about that in the skeletal correction,maternity―manipulative,stoop orthodontics, such as the elective treatment for power suppliers to increase the situation also have. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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