Ostrich Club “ Pray for full wellness '' Ken Shimura wishes recovery

Ostrich Club Higo Katsuhiro [57] Teremon Simon [57] Uejima Ryuhei [59] announced on SNS a comment on Wednesday that she hoped to recover quickly to Ken Shimura [70], who is hospitalized with a new coronavirus.

"I'm just amazed at the status of Mr. Ken Shimura, and I'm just surprised. I wish you all the best and wish you all the best. I hope you can recover as soon as possible. I want you to do it, "she announced on the official Twitter, Instagram and blog.

The relationship between the ostrich club and Shimura was long, and he co-starred on many control programs such as the Fuji TV series "Ken no Shidaidaijoda 2". In addition, since 2006, he has also performed on the stage Shimura Tamashii hosted by Shimura since the first time.

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