Ota Pro Live Youtube opened, MC is Alpy

Ota Productions, to which the ostrich club and Hiroyuki Ariyoshi belong, has opened a YouTube channel for the comedy live "Tsukisho" that is being hosted today.

It is a traditional live that boasts a history of 30 years, and has been held in a contest format where the ranking is decided by the vote of the audience from 2008. The categories are set from G1 to G5, and the monthly champion is decided every month by exchanging the lower 3 groups of G1 and the upper 3 groups of G2, and the lower 3 groups of G2 and the upper 3 groups of G3. Last year's annual champion defeated Kusanagi Miyashita, who is currently popular, and was earned by Rusabi Rabby.

However, it has been canceled due to the new coronavirus, and in order not to turn off the comedy light, I decided to challenge various projects online.

For the first time, today we will deliver "# 1 Call-up Rally" and "# 2 Iki Oiki" from 7:00 pm on the 30th. Naoya Tajima, who has also won the championship for the second consecutive year in the past, said, “What kind of channel are you excited about? "I would like to work together with all the professional Ota entertainers on the Tsukishou Channel," he said. "I will do my best to make everyone's stay home enjoyable and bright." Please give me a comment.

Arco & Peace are in charge of MC. Kenta Sakai said, “It's been a long time since I've met you guys, but my best friends. Takuyuki is still quiet, Tajima-san is playing Masako Nozawa all the time, and Matsubara is not Fujiwara Matsubara-san's Matsubara. So, above all, please check it! "

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