Others mouth’s position, provide collision detection and use real-time data in their mouth to reproduce the technology, and H2L is the development

H2L and NTT DoCoMo are 10 days,others, mouth movements and facial expression in real time face to reproduce the device”Face-Sharing”was developed and announced. Of others facial expressions and mouth moving such as real-time experience possible, and the good of the presenter to imitate from the presentation practice does not only have backup and upgrade function, is assumed.

And”Face-Sharing”, the 23 day and 24 day held in Tokyo Big site NTT DoCoMo-sponsored events”DOCOMO Open House 2020″to be exhibited in the plans.

H2L is the human ability to withdraw and supporting hardware and Software Planning and development to core business and to. Paired with a smartphone as a VR/AR application, with the arms in operation”FirstVR”or a computer in the hands of those who control the muscle contraction and Ha”PossessedHand”how to sell.

“Face Sharing”is around the mouth device fitted, electrical stimulation of the given muscle to contract,the AI specified by the movement to reproduce that technology. The caller can speak into the microphone your voice or the camera or movements of the face, such as signal transmission, the electrical in the opponent’s muscles deflate.

“Face-Sharing”by multiple people attached to it and at the same time, reproduce not possible. For 5G you can use to remote in mouth movement and facial expressions can be reproduced.

Use a different language of communication, and the professional singer’s mouth moves, people learn the problems remain with adding tags to older PDFs and those that are generated from scanned.

Development, and H2L is the electrical stimulation by the body in controlling the expertise or,”BodySharing”technology,NTT DoCoMo 5G network to provide R & D management and the role was.

H2L and NTT DoCoMo, mouth moving to the words of a foreign language pronunciation and acting guidance such as,”Face-Sharing”, by using directly the mouth move to tell that the company. Or will”Face-Sharing”and”BodySharing technology”to further improve the entire body, with extension to such as will consider. [Articles:not for・The article list to look at]

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