Others of the rewards of the work and the willingness to cut right brain to understand the mechanisms behind the physiological laboratory of the research

To do the same work Fellow the reward is high and their work, and the willingness of the can go down on a daily basis from that phenomenon. National Institute for Physiological Sciences 25 days, compensation for subjective value,self and other compensation information by combining the obtained brain mechanism and announced.

【Here】Hungry is the taste changing the nerves on the base of found physiology research, such as research

■Compensation of subjective value determine the brain mechanism

“The hypothalamus, called the”autonomic regulation of the involved brain areas, Food Search and ingestion activities when the”outer portion”is present. Conventional research from the hypothalamus lateral field is self-reward that determine the value of greater involvement, to be known. On the other hand social information processing also,the hypothalamus lateral field is involved in the research have been published, but the processing mechanism have been a mystery.

■Services to use to test the hypotheses

Natural Sciences Research Institute, researchers from the group focused on,”medial prefrontal cortex”the brain called the site yet. To act for the motivation to be involved in the medial prefrontal cortex in social information is processed,anatomically than in the medial prefrontal cortex and contact as.

The research group in the hypothalamus, outside the field of self-and others of the reward processing mechanism of the one hypothesized, and for validation the experiments were carried out. Pavlov’s dog represented,stimulus repetition on reaction give rise to”classical conditions on”, the 2 heads of the individual applied methods [social classical conditions based on]is the experimental.

The results of the experiment, their reward probability, the higher the juice you tend to be strong on the other hand, others to earn rewards, the higher the probability of if you juice for no more,their is a reward to be earned, and for which the value is decreased was confirmed. This is my own, and others ‘ compensation information Compensation Value changes to suggest that that.

The research group compensation information concerning the neural processing mechanisms was investigated. As a result, the self and others both in the hypothalamus lateral field is integrated found. The medial prefrontal cortex from the hypothalamus outside the unit information to the transmission is confirmed with. Social situations with reward expectations and motivation, hypothalamus lateral field plays an important role and research group information.

Research the details of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Journal of 25 date posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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