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Seven-Eleven “Peyang Soba Mesh Omubi” and “Yakisoba Bread (Nissin Yakisoba UFO Source Sauce)” are now available!

Out-of-field brawl of cup fried noodles broke out!

In March 2020, two collaboration products that appeared at Seven-Eleven.
・ Peyong Soba Meat Rice
・ Yakisoba bread (Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.source flavor)

Isn't it exciting that the two big giants of cup fried noodles collaborate at the same time are like out-of-field brawls! For example, a forbidden combination of cup noodles “ Nissin Yakisoba UFO '' and “ Peyang Soba Meshi Osubi '' Lunch is also possible.

Moreover, both have a high degree of taste reproduction!も ち ろ ん It's good that you can easily taste the tastes of those who aren't always selected, as well as the original fans.

Both are limited time products, so you can eat when you see them!と き When you go to Seven-Eleven, please look for it.

Peyang Soba Meat Rice

Spicy and clean taste. The flavor of red ginger and the texture of cabbage are accented, and I will eat a few perots ♪

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Finally released nationwide! I ate "Peyang Soba Mesh Rice Ball"!

Yakisoba bread (Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O.source flavor)

Fruity sweet dark ぃ ~ Sandy sticky fluffy noodles with sauce!で す It is a rich flavor that you can fully enjoy the rich dark sauce!

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Dream collaboration! I tried Yakisoba UFO Yakisoba bread!

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