Over 900 songs from Southern All Stars are now available on Apple Music! Unlimited listening from "Sindbad" to "Love is a little slow" | AppBank – Find Fun on Your Smartphone

"Apple Music]Has begun distribution of Southern All Stars songs.

Southern All Stars singles and albums are now available!

Southern All Stars has distributed the same group's songs,Apple MusicAnnounced on December 20 that it started with major music streaming services, including

The distribution began with all Southern All Stars singles and all albums, including a special album from the debut single "Self-Bad Sinbad" to the latest song "Love is a little slow".

In addition, member solo works by Keisuke Kuwata and 150 other works are also distributed.

In other words, you can enjoy all 900 songs from Southern All Stars.

If you're a Southern fan, be sure to check out Apple Music for songs.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vob6KqjX8wA [/ embed]

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