Overseas mobile topics 190th 5G model appeared one after another, check the latest smartphone of OPPO concerned about deployment in Japan

OPPO smartphones will be released from KDDI and SoftBank. OPPO had been doing business for SIM-free market and MVNO carriers until now, but the product was finally adopted by major Japanese carriers. Both models support 5G. It seems that OPPO has already released 5G smartphones in China and overseas, and its ability has been recognized as Japan's 5G start. In 2019, OPPO's smartphone will be used for demonstration at Rakuten's 5G event, and it seems likely that OPPO's 5G model will be adopted when Rakuten starts 5G in the future.

  • OPPO's 5G smartphone used for Rakuten's 5G demo. Firmly grasping 5G radio waves

OPPO is currently developing multiple lineups with just 5G smartphones. The "Find X2" and "Reno 3" introduced in Japan belong to each of the High-spec Find and Reno series with enhanced camera performance in the middle high range. Furthermore, "Ace2" was announced on April 13. In addition to this, "Reno 3" and "Reno 3 Pro" have been released as 5G models in China, but what is a little complicated is the existence of the Japanese version of Reno 3. The Japanese version of Reno 3 is based on the Chinese Reno 3 Pro and is a different model from the Chinese Reno 3. Maybe I wanted to keep the model name for Japan simple.

  • Find X2 Pro scheduled to be released by KDDI, there is also a collaboration model with Lamborghini in China

The latest model, Ace2, which has just been announced in China, is a high-spec product that adopts Snapdragon 865 for SoC [system on chip], memory 12GB, storage 256GB. However, the biggest feature is the high-speed display refresh rate of 90Hz, which can firmly display the movements of high-spec games. In addition, the "4D cooling function" efficiently releases heat even during long-time play. In addition, it is equipped with functions for game use, such as stereo speakers installed up and down [left and right if you lie down when playing a game] and high-speed communication "Link Boost 2.0" function that can use 5G and Wi-Fi 6 simultaneously I will.

  • Ace2 targeted at game users

There are four cameras, but with a wide-angle of 48 million pixels, an ultra-wide-angle of 8 million pixels, a monochrome of 2 million pixels, and a depth measurement of 2 million pixels, it is a modest spec for OPPO. The front camera also stops at 16 million pixels, and you can see from this that it is a smartphone for games. Fast charging is OPPO's latest Super VOOC 2.0, which can fully charge the built-in 4,000mAh battery in 56 minutes. The price is 4,599 yuan [about 70,000 yen] for the model with the highest specs, so it is cheap considering the specs.

  • Unique circular design around the back camera

Below this Ace2 are two products, "Reno 3" and "Reno 3 Pro". Reno3 Pro will appear as Reno3 in Japan, so I will omit details here. Reno3 is a product that is set at a fairly low price, starting from 3,399 yuan [about 52,000 yen] at a low manufacturing cost. The cost reduction is due to the difference in the display, for example. The Reno3 Pro has curved left and right sides, but the Reno3 is a general flat type. The front camera is also a punch hole type that Ace 2 and Reno 3 Pro have holes in the display, but Reno 3 is an orthodox water drop type.

  • Reno3 saves price without compromising camera performance

The camera measures 64 million pixels wide-angle + 8 million pixels ultra-wide-angle + 2 million pixels black and white + 2 million pixels depth measurement. We are improving the image quality of the main wide-angle camera of Ace2. In addition, the front camera has 32 million pixels, which enhances the selfie performance like OPPO's camera phone. SoC uses Density 1000L from Mediatech. Reno3 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765, but Reno3 also uses a lower priced SoC.

  • Adopted MediaTek 5G SoC

Reno3 and Reno3 Pro were announced at the end of 2019 on December 27th. After that, the "Reno 3 Vitality Edition" appeared as a lower model in February 2020. The SoC of Reno3 is Snapdragon 765, the camera is 4800 + 800 + 200 + 2 million pixels same as Ace2, and the front camera is 32 million pixels equivalent to Reno3 series. It's a good idea to rearrange multiple product platforms to increase the number of products. The price is even cheaper at 2,999 yuan [about 46,000 yen], and Apple's just-announced "iPhone SE" is 3,299 yuan, so it is 5G compatible even though it is cheaper.

  • OPPO's low-priced 5G smartphone Reno 3 Vitality Edition

In addition to these 3 models, OPPO's 5G smartphone will be a lineup of 2020 with a total of 5 models of Reno3 Pro [Reno3 Japanese version] and Find X2 released in Japan. While Sony and Sharp are still only releasing one 5G smartphone at a time, OPPO will introduce five models as soon as possible. The spread of 5G in Japan is still in the future, but there is a good possibility that 5G products for Japan will come out from OPPO, which has released so many 5G smartphones. We would like you to introduce it to Japan, such as the limited model of Reno 3 Pro sold in China, and the product in collaboration with Pantone's 2020 trendy color "Classic Blue".

  • Pantone 2020 color collaboration model

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