Overseas mobile topics The 189th 100 million pixel camera confrontation! I compared Xiaomi "Mi Note 10" and Samsung "Galaxy S20 Ultra" in a dark place

Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra with 108 million pixels and 100x zoom camera had no announcement of adoption at the 3G 5G service launch in Japan in March 2020. Some say that the S20 Ultra is very popular among the Galaxy S20 series in the overseas market, and it has become a more popular product than Samsung expected. In Japan, there is still a possibility that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will be released without SIM, so if you are interested, why not send your voice of release request to the manufacturer via SNS etc?

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra 108MP camera

By the way, the sensor of 108 million pixel camera which Galaxy S20 Ultra is installed is made by Samsung. However, Samsung was not the first to commercialize this sensor, but the "Mi Note 10" that Xiaomi also launched in Japan. So both models are equipped with the same camera, but different algorithms and processing are performed in the image processing part after shooting, so there is a difference in the finish of the photo. The lenses are also different.

  • Xiaomi's Mi Note 10 equipped with the same 108 million pixel camera

So I wanted to do a 100 million pixel camera confrontation of these two smartphones, but it is not readily available because the S20 Ultra does not come out in Japan and there are still few release countries overseas. . Actually, at the Touch & Try venue of the Galaxy S20 Series launch in February in San Francisco, I compared the Mi Note 10 with the Galaxy S20 Ultra with almost the same composition. At that time, I thought, "I'll take another shot when the S20 Ultra comes out in Japan." Therefore, it may not be a serious comparison. Also, I don't think the performance of the camera has been completely achieved because the venue is dark. However, since I took it with great effort, I would like to compare both photos.

First of all, the resolution of a photograph taken at 108 million pixels, Mi Note 10 is 12,032 × 9,024 pixels. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was 12,000 x 9,000 pixels. Mi Note 10 is slightly higher. Since the file size will be huge, exceeding 10 MB, here we will post photos resized to 1,200 x 900 pixels.

First of all, the photos of Galaxy S20 Ultra. The composition is not so good because it is like shooting for the time being.

  • Taken with Galaxy S20 Ultra [resized to 1,200 x 900 pixels]

This is Mi Note 10.

  • Taken with Mi Note 10 [resized to 1,200 x 900 pixels]

At first glance, Mi Note 10 seems to be slightly yellower. On the other hand, the wrinkled part of the curtain hanging on the Galaxy S20 board on the back is slightly reflected.

By the way, I think how to use a 100 million pixel camera is "take a picture for the time being and cut out a part of it later". Therefore, I cut out the "SAMSUNG" logo part of the blue model part of Galaxy S20 on the back from both photos.

First, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra photos partially enlarged. 100 million pixels is so far

This is Mi Note 10.

  • The same part is enlarged in the photo of Mi Note 10. It is sharp

It is 100 million pixels that you can get a picture that can be seen as such even if you cut it out like this. By comparison, Mi Note 10 is sharper.

And I cut out a smaller part. It is an enlargement of the terminal part that was placed on the touch and try table. On the table near the left side of the woman standing beyond the table in the first photo.

Here is a photo of the Galaxy S20 Ultra taken from the table.

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra

I also cut it out on Mi Note 10.

  • Mi Note 10

It is amazing that even if it is enlarged so far, it is reflected as such. In this comparison, the Galaxy S20 Ultra seems to be able to capture finer details.

Next, let's compare photos from different angles. First, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra [resized to 1,200 x 900 pixels]

This is Mi Note 10.

  • Mi Note 10 [resized to 1,200 x 900 pixels]

And I cut off the ceiling. First, the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

  • Galaxy S20 Ultra

This is Mi Note 10

  • Mi Note 10

In this comparison, the Galaxy S20 Ultra may be slightly brighter. Nevertheless, the appearance may not change in either case because it is not a favorable condition.

I think the comparison this time was more of an example in which 108 million pixels can be taken so far than "which is better". Although the performance of the camera is not limited to the number of pixels, it was felt that the possibility of a smartphone camera with a pixel number exceeding 100 million was sufficient. I would like to take a landscape photo in fine weather and compare again.

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