Overwhelmed Yakumo Gakuen with speed

The seven-day tournament began on 29th. Seika [Fukuoka] defeated Yakumo Gakuen [Tokyo] 100-64 and advanced to the second round.

The semen overwhelmed Yakumo Gakuen with speed. Standing up, U18 candidate captain Ace PG Suzuno Higuchi [3 years] made a drive shot and got on the rhythm. In addition, he expanded his lead by coordinating play with SF Miura [3 years], who has been a representative in U16, 17, and 18, and Higuchi, and decided the game with the first half 49-25.

Coach Haruji Ogami said, "I was surprised to see Yakumo who lost last year in the first match, but it was a good combination for the goal 4 goals. It was very concentrated in the game and everyone exploded first He smiled to win the remorse. Higuchi said, "I think the best 4 partner will be Sakuraka [Gakuen], but I came to be like that. [From next time] I will play their basketball anywhere and become the best 4." I bounced.

At Yakumo Gakuen, U18's C Maho Awatani [2 years] took advantage of the height of 182 cm and took offense rebound and struck back, but the team lost.

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