"Overwhelming facial deviation" # Bubba Bambi Akane Yoshizawa "I want to try Bambi Jack"

"Zeroichi Familia" is a lively magazine and media. The # 5 Bubba Bambi is a five-person idol unit with "overwhelming facial deviation", which is confidently sent out by a performing arts agency that requires beautiful women to sweep each magazine. Even before its full-scale debut, its attention has continued to increase, such as creating a long line at flyer distribution events and completing the tickets for the live show immediately.

This time, a special interview is conducted with each of the girls who are enjoying the idol scene of Reiwa. The first one is Akane Yoshizawa, who is in charge of yellow. Each of the characters, full of individuality, talked passionately about their thoughts on the group. Unfortunately, the premiere live scheduled for March 27 has been canceled due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, but let's read this article and prepare for the upcoming debut live.

──When you look at Twitter, you seem to have a considerable amount of practice every day.

Yoshizawa: Yes! It's a little bit now, but the shape of the dance is getting solidified. To be honest, the formation was last November and when I was told to make a debut in March, I felt like "I have more than 3 months! I'm a little impatient [laughs].

な ら Which is stronger for anxiety and pleasure?

Yoshizawa: I'm worried.

── Early [laughs].

Yoshizawa: Even before his debut, he was featured in various media, and his fans are very excited about it, so we must exceed that expectation! The feeling of is getting stronger. However, from the point where I was 100% anxious, the “fun” has gradually become stronger now. When I practice, I feel like I'll show you cool idols! I practice with emphasis on performance, so I want to go beyond your imagination.

ど う How is the atmosphere of the group right now?

Yoshizawa: I think they are all highly conscious children. We all have children who were originally active, so everyone has a strong feeling that they will definitely sell! It is a very good feeling of air. However, I feel that there are still parts where each other is trying not to balance. I hope we can get closer and have a good relationship where we can talk more.

──What is Yoshizawa standing in among these five people?

Yoshizawa: With a lot of out-of-the-box members, I personally think that he's a solid person in Bambi [laughs]. [Ikeda] Melda and [Mizuminato] Mio-chan are bullied, and Kishi Miyu is poi-n. In addition, I guess they are also good at performance … I'm proud of it, but I think that honest dance is the best dance!

──You certainly have experience in hip-hop dance.

Yoshizawa: Yes. I've been a magician for about three years, so I have little experience, but I'm most used to the stage. In a short time, I want to convey more of what I have learned and support everyone.

──You have a leader temperament.

Yoshizawa no no! I often forget what I left, and a little late … [laughs].

か ら It's almost as if the self-introduction of the group's first song “Bababanbizumu !!” is written as “Hobby: Late / Special skill: Late” [laughs].

Yoshizawa: There's a bit too little to do, and it's just a bit [laughs]. But recently the habit has begun to heal. I want to turn a negative image upside down. I wrote myself for this introduction [laughs].

は What is the ideal idol image seen by idol fan Yoshizawa?

Yoshizawa: The entrance to my idol lover is Mayu Watanabe, a former AKB48. It's cute, she sings well, she can perform well … she has everything. This is the royal road idol! Isn't it? I also want to be like Mayu Watanabe who has everything. First, stop being late!

#What is the charm of #Bababa Bambi seen from Yoshizawa?

Yoshizawa: Individuality! No one has the characteristics. Also, it's cute. When I asked if I wanted to join, I was too happy to be an idol with these children! Because it is now.

せ After all, each media has the crown of “overwhelming facial deviation”.

Yoshizawa: It's a bit too high. I think it's a collection of really cute children from an objective perspective. However, I myself was a bit different in that frame [laughs]. Moreover, if you can come face-to-face in such a large way, if you think, "It's not a big deal …" I'm not too late from now, so I wonder if I can get overwhelmed even if it's overwhelming. Isn't it a more gentle expression … [laughs]. From now on, I would like to find Bambi's unique features that are not just cute.

──Conversely, are there any weaknesses?

Yoshizawa: Of course, I feel that unity is still weak. It is less than a month since Mio-chan has joined, and there are some parts that you will not know unless you spend more time together. But since we just started running, it's best for everyone to enjoy this activity anyway. I don't think the results will be waiting for you where you enjoyed them.

ど ん な What kind of part do you want to see in the group that is starting full-scale?

Yoshizawa: We have a concept of stupid fuss, and we want to make a live that can be enjoyed in any way. Those who watched the MV of "Baba Bamba Bismu ~ !!" will know, but there is a festive feeling, so let's get excited with us at the live. In addition to being lively, Hanabigatari also offers a crisp world view, so I hope that you can feel the gap.

先 What are your goals for the group and your personal goals?

Yoshizawa: He says he wants to be one man as the group's goal. After that, I want to run together toward the final goal, Nippon Budokan. Also, I want to do Bambi Jack on the magazine!

は As an individual?

Yoshizawa: Personally, I would like to fulfill my dreams and goals that were not fulfilled at the time of my previous activities at #Bababa Bambi. Also, I want to find a big weapon called "Are you saying Akane Yoshizawa!" I'm still a magician, so I'd like to find a new dimension that is comparable to that.

朱 Akane Yoshizawa
Yoshizawa Akane. Born July 2, 1997, from Fukuoka Prefecture. 162 cm.
Twitter: @akanekogurasi

▽ # Bubba Bambi
An idol unit formed by five talents belonging to Zeroichi Familia under the theme of "In Japan now, there are many things that are bad and difficult, but at this moment we should have fun like" idiots "." The group name is a coined word meaning "horse and deer." Lessons are being held daily for the upcoming debut live.

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