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I wanted a genuine wheel and bought another spider
1970 Daihatsu Compano Spider [F40K]

After a while, it was reported that Tsuya Ohtani, the owner of this interview vehicle, was also attracted by four people and got a Compano Spider. "In the past, I was on the S600, but I let go of my childhood. I wanted to ride the old open car someday, but the old car had two seaters. At that time, if the Compano Spider could ride with my family, I started looking for it. "

Original wheel cap. To add a car in search of this style.

ク ル The car that I finally found was a car in the middle of restoration. The car was disassembled and in pieces. He was wearing aluminum wheels, but it wasn't the style that Oyazu-san imagined.

There, find and get a genuine wheel cap. However, it turned out that the wheel to which the wheel cap was attached was not genuine, and the search for wheels began. I finally found it, but it was in the car. "I wanted a genuine wheel and bought another spider," said two Compano spiders in the garage. The first car we got was the last model, and the model we purchased for parts removal was the previous model.

Therefore, I bought Compa Noberlina because I wanted to raise the early model. You have collected a total of three Companos. The usable parts were transplanted, and the surplus parts became spare parts.

There are many bikes in the garage. 16 in total. It is said that he sometimes looks at the situation with the engine running. Bikes have been a hobby since high school, but like cars, they are polished and customized. It is customization that keeps enjoying cars and motorcycles while maintaining normal.

"A car is useless if you don't drive. Vehicles are something to drive and enjoy," he said.

Equipped with 8 tracks for audio. I miss the singer's name on the set cartridge tape. They seem to play a role in bringing out the atmosphere of those days.

Front grille shaped by a fine pressed grid. Daihatsu logo on the center. Two car badges create the atmosphere of those days.

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