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"P40" series for 5G is now available! The top is composed of 5 cameras such as 10x optical telephoto


Huawei on March 26,As previously announcedNew smartphone "P40" series compatible with 5G communication was announced. It is a successor to the P30 series that appeared in March 2019, and continues to use Leica lenses. P40 / P40 Pro / P40 Pro + lineup.

  • Top models P40 Pro and P40 Pro +

P40 Pro +

The "P40 Pro +" is a smartphone with a 5-camera equipped with a 6.58-inch [2,640 x 1,200 dots, 441 ppi] organic EL display. It will be the highest performance model in the P40 series.

The screen aspect ratio is 19.8: 9, the upper bezel uses 2.5mm, the lower bezel uses 2.65mm, and the left and right bezels adopt a 3mm narrow frame. The refresh rate is 90Hz, and it also supports DCI-P3 HDR. The back is made of lightweight ceramics [the company calls them NANO-TEC CERAMIC], which is strong against scratches and scratches.

The camera consists of 5 cameras with 4 lenses + 1 sensor. The company appealed at the presentation as "Camera Monster". 40MP super wide angle [18mm equivalent], 50MP standard [23mm equivalent], 8MP telephoto [125mm equivalent. Optical 10x, digital zoom up to 100x], 8MP telephoto [80mm equivalent. 3x optical], depth sensor In addition to the five cameras, a color temperature sensor has been added to the upper left corner. The camera sensor has a maximum size of 1 / 1.28, which is larger than previous models and competitors. The ISO sensitivity is 409600 for still images.

The in-camera is a punch-hole type with two built-in cameras. In addition to the 32MP camera and IR / gesture camera, it also has an environmental sensor.

  • Camera function of P40 Pro +

  • Features of P40 Pro + and P40 Pro

The shooting function is equipped with Golden Snap, a new shooting function that uses AI scene recognition. Recognizing the posture and facial expression of the subject, selecting the best shot before and after taking a single shot, removing passers-by from the photo, making your hand and smartphone reflected on the glass surface less noticeable, etc. Prepare.

In addition, the voice assistant "Celia" is newly installed, and by calling Hey Celia, you can register schedules, check schedules, and set alarm clocks.

  • P40 Pro + Price

OS is Android-based EMUI 10.1 Google services are not available, and apps are installed from the company's own AppGarally. The processor is Kirin 990 5G, which supports 5G communication [SIM is nanoSIM x 2]. Battery capacity is 4,200mAh. Weight is 226g. The waterproof performance complies with IP68.

Prices start at € 1,399 for 8GB memory + 512GB storage. It will go on sale in June 2020. There are two colors, Ceramic Black and Ceramic White.

P40 Pro

The P40 Pro is a model with the same display size as the P40 Pro, but has four cameras, a 40MP super wide angle [equivalent to 18mm], a 50MP standard [equivalent to 23mm], and a 12MP telephoto [equivalent to 125mm, 5x optical]. ], Depth sensor, and color temperature sensor. Weight is 209g. There are five colors, Ice White, Deep Sea Blue, Black, Silver Frost, and Blush Gold, which are the same as P40. Launched on April 7, 2020, the price starts at 999 euros with 8GB memory + 256GB storage.

  • P40 Pro camera features

  • P40 Pro Price


The P40 is a model equipped with a 6.1-inch [2,340 x 1,080 dots] organic EL display, which is slightly smaller than the above two models. It has 3 cameras, 8MP telephoto [80mm equivalent, 3x optical], 50MP standard [23mm equivalent], 16MP super wide angle [17mm equivalent], and a color temperature sensor. Built-in Kirin 990 5G, which is the same as the higher-end model in the processor. It weighs 175g and has a battery capacity of 3,800mAh. Waterproof conforms to IP53.

The colors are Ice White, Deep Sea Blue, Black, Silver Frost, and Blush Gold, which are the same as P40 Pro. Launched on April 7, 2020, price starts at € 799 for 8GB memory + 128GB storage.

  • P40 camera function

  • Features of P40

  • P40 Price

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