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Palm cooling gloves released in July, developed based on Sharp liquid crystal material technology-Engadget Japan version


Descente Japan, a sports goods company, has started accepting purchases for the glove-type heat countermeasure item "CORE COOLER" on the cloud funding site "Makuake".

This product is equipped with cold storage material developed by a major consumer electronics manufacturer, Sharp, inside the glove. Humans have an arteriovenous anastomosis to regulate body temperature in the palmBlood vessels [AVA blood vessels] And thisIt is said that cooling the body can be effective in lowering core body temperature [body temperature measured in the rectum, not in the armpits].

▲ Daisuke Shinozaki, Researcher

According to Dr. Daisuke Shinozaki of Sharp, "ice and ice packs are too cold and blood vessels shrink, so blood does not cool down properly and core body temperature cannot be lowered."

Therefore, Sharp has developed a cold storage material that can maintain a temperature of 12 ° C, which is said to be a suitable temperature, based on the technology cultivated through research on liquid crystal materials. By wearing it inside the glove, blood vessels do not contract and blood can be efficiently cooled to lower core body temperature.

▲ It is said that it can maintain a mild cooling temperature [12 ° C] without being too cold

The glove-type attachment developed by Descente is also appealing as functionality. By putting cold storage material here, it is said that it can be used without hindering movement when drinking drinks and grabbing things.

The target amount of the Makuake project is 100,000 yen, and support courses will be prepared from single / 3564 yen to 10 sets / 31,680 yen.

General release is scheduled for July and after, and will be handled by Descente's official mail-order website “Descente Store” and “DESCENTE TOKYO”, as well as directly managed stores, sports chain stores, and lifestyle goods specialty store lofts [some stores]. .


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