Panasonic rice, Tesla and solar collaboration to eliminate Buffalo from the factory withdrawal

Panasonic is 26, the electric car maker・Tesla and solar cell production to eliminate the announced. The two companies are New York State’s Buffalo factory is a partnership proceeding,the Panasonic solar cell and module production. Panasonic 2020 Year 5 at the end of the production, stop 9 at the end of the Buffalo factory to withdraw from.

【2016 the collaboration starting]Panasonic, solar cells to supply Tesla and talks start

Incidentally, the state of Nevada to the Giga Factory 1, the two companies are electric vehicle battery joint production, but this partnership is still maintained.

Panasonic and Tesla in 2016, solar cell production, agreed to further. In 2017 production start. Tesla and is operated by agents that the Buffalo plant,the investment required part of the Panasonic to bear. on the other hand, Tesla is from Panasonic, solar cells to buy and contract for.

Initially Tesla’s solar panel”solar roof”, and Panasonic’s solar cells is planned to be used was, in fact Tesla’s ask for the specifications and there is a difference,but was never adopted. The solar roof is currently, Chinese companies such as cheap product available.

In view of such circumstances, from solar cell production will increase one,increase in the future is expected from Panasonic this decision led to. Tesla’s solar business growth plan will not affect them.

The Buffalo factory is local job creation and contribute to, the Tesla plant construction and operation upon the local government from the subsidies received. Co-produced rid of along with a lot of employees lose their jobs it is expected that Panasonic is a retirement payment and outplacement support such as sincerity, the corresponding goal.

Also, the Buffalo factory for business expansion in personnel is necessary to ensure that Tesla as many as you can, the Panasonic employee in the direction being considered.

Panasonic is the decision to solar business, a global rationalization as part of the position. Production partner of the termination costs to use in the future for development and production by reviewing the energy solution business with the aim of strengthening that. [Article: million Shima from・The article list to look at]

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