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Panasonic's CES lecture entered from “ type '' of karate, was there a seed for leap in 2020-CES 2020

Panasonic will hold a press conference on January 6, 2020 (local time) at the CES 2020 venue in Las Vegas, USA. Announced the 65-inch 4K OLED TV.

The conference began with the karate "type" by Sakura Kuniyome, the sixth-ranked karate player in the world. Mr. Kunishima is one of the brand ambassadors Panasonic has recently appointed in the North American market, and will play a role in promoting the Panasonic brand to Millennials and Gen Z generations in North America.

  • Kuni America Sakura showing off karate pattern

Brand Ambassador has contracted with four athletes who are interested in solving social issues. As a Team Panasonic, he will be active.

The conference started with that explanation.

Panasonic continues to support the Olympic Games to “TOKYO”

"Panasonic is looking for new ways to make the world better and moving boldly to make a difference. We are a technology," said Lauren Salatta, Chief Marketing Officer, Panasonic North America. We believe that we can advance ourselves, and at the same time, we strive for improvement, and so do our athletes, and in this campaign, we are passionate about telling stories about achieving our goals. We all aim to share Panasonic's commitment and create a better world. "

  • Lauren Salatta CMO, Panasonic North America (Chief Marketing Officer)

First, "#whatmovesus" says, "We will share a story about how passion evolves."

  • Develop a campaign with “#whatmovesus”

Team Panasonic's captain will be Michael Phelps, a swimmer who has earned 28 medals, also known as the “Water Monster”. In addition to U.S. and U.S. athletes, Katie Reddeck, a competitor who has won 14 gold medals in the World Swimming Championships Women's Championship and won five gold medals at the London and Rio Olympics, and a silver medal at four Paralympics Rex Gillette, a long jumper who has won the appointment, has been appointed.

At the conference, Phelps spoke.

  • Michael Phelps, a swimmer who won 28 medals, also known as the "water monster", as the captain of Team Panasonic

Phelps introduced the Michael Phelps Foundation, which focuses on nurturing the next generation of swimmers, water safety and mental health. "We talk to children about the importance of three things: dream, plan, and reach. They help them dream big dreams and make them come true. “ I want you to know that it's possible, '' he added.“It makes great sense for Panasonic to reach out to more children and help them make a greater impact. '' And so on.

Next was Michael Moskovitz, CEO of Panasonic North America. He was appointed CEO in August 2019.

  • Michael Moskovitz, CEO of Panasonic North America

“ Panasonic has been a Olympic partner for more than 30 years since providing broadcast technology support to the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988, '' he said, referring to the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. It is one of the top 14 partners in the world, with high-brightness projectors and projection mapping to support production at the Olympic Games in London, Rio, and Pyeongchang, making use of these experiences at the Tokyo Olympic Games. "In July 2019, Panasonic's real-time tracking and projection mapping technology was used at the ceremony one year before the event, and at the Panasonic Center in Ariake, Tokyo, the Panasonic Olympic / Paralympic Panasonic Pavilion was held. ATOUN's power assist suits will be worn by assistants in powerlifting competitions to support the competitions, allowing them to enjoy sports experiences, share the spirit of the Olympics / Paralympics, etc. Yes. "

"We have partnered with the Olympic Museum in Switzerland for more than 20 years to reach the 300,000 visitors annually, using the latest technology," he said. A few months ago, the Japan Olympic Museum opened near the New National Stadium in Tokyo, and this spring in Colorado Springs, the Olympic and Paralympic Museum opened. Panasonic offers both sustainability and technology, such as providing an immersive video experience with a 180-degree display, and a face recognition technology that allows all visitors to tour smoothly. "

He added that the new National Stadium is equipped with Panasonic lighting solutions, stadium speakers, security systems, digital signage, broadcast cameras and large monitors.

In the expanding business, the automobile-related presence will strengthen

Following on are two partnership initiatives.

The first is Disney.

Panasonic has been partnering with Disney for several years and has adopted Panasonic's high-brightness projectors and other products as the official projection technology for Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort. Attractions such as "Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" and "Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run" that use Panasonic's 4K laser projection technology are popular.

At the conference, Paul Bailey, Technical Director of Walt Disney Imagineering, spoke and explained. Then, a storm trooper appearing in Star Wars appears, directing a situation like a Disney attraction. Finally, the BB-8 also appeared, excitement of the venue.

  • Paul Bailey, Technical Director of Walt Disney Imagineering

  • Star Wars Stormtroopers Appear

  • BB-8 also appeared and excited the venue

Another example is working with Princess Cruise. It provides passengers with an immersive entertainment experience on board, and has installed the world's smallest laser projector with 50,000 lumens of brightness and native 4K resolution. This has the reliability of being able to perform maintenance-free projection for 20,000 hours, and he was confident that maintenance would be unnecessary for more than two years.

He also explained the avionics business, including entertainment systems for aircraft.

The company has been working on the business for the past 40 years, with more than 2.7 billion passengers annually using Panasonic's avionics solutions.

Moscovitz, CEO of Panasonic North America, said, "Working with airlines can maximize customer satisfaction through all aspects of in-flight entertainment and communication systems. Also, the new Arc Inflight Map Platform is Offers a personalized and interacting flight experience, not only in 4K resolution, but also offers entertainment, wellness, and premium seat lighting with customizable and programmable lighting. These efforts will redefine the passenger experience. "

He also explained the automobile-related business. “ Panasonic is the world's leading automotive manufacturer, '' said Scott Kirchner, president of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, in cooperation with Klipsch, Tropos Moters, and the Utah Department of Transportation. It is not a battery supplier but a trusted provider of end-to-end mobility. " In collaboration with Klipsch, he talked about providing audiophile-quality sound and working with Fender and ELS to build an ecosystem that will shape the future of mobility.

  • Scott Kirchner, President, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

Introducing Google's Android Automotive OS, the next-generation infotainment system "SkipGen 3.0" running on Android 10, the next-generation cockpit "SPYDR", and Karma Automotive's SC1 vision concept. In collaboration with Tropos Motors, he introduced examples of performing various tasks with small utility vehicles.

"The Tropos ABLE is a compact, large-capacity and towable electric vehicle that can meet a variety of needs as a light commercial vehicle," said John Batista, founder and CEO of Tropos Motors. did. A fire truck by Tropos ABLE was displayed beside the stage.

  • John Batista, founder and CEO of Tropos Motors

  • Fire truck by Tropos ABLE

"In the United States, about 40,000 people die in road accidents annually. Utah's population is exploding, and cars are growing more expensive," said Carlos Bracellas, executive director of the Utah Department of Transportation. Safety is even more important with the rise of the U.S. state of Utah, which launched the Zero Fatalities initiative and built a connected vehicle infrastructure to enable it, where Panasonic's CIRRUS can be leveraged. It can reduce the effects of traffic congestion and improve the quality of life in Utah. " “ Panasonic has built and introduced the United States' largest intelligent traffic data network, the CIRRUS platform, in Colorado and Georgia in the last three years, "said Chris Armstrong, vice president of Panasonic North America. In Utah, Panasonic is helping to take the transportation environment to the next level, leveraging real-time data between vehicles, infrastructure, roads and transportation companies, It could dramatically reduce road accidents and fatalities. "

  • Carlos Braceras, Executive Director of Utah Department of Transportation

  • Chris Armstrong, Vice President, Panasonic North America

Utah will begin testing the first phase by May 2020, with 30 vehicles equipped with sensing and communication technology. The equipment will be installed along about 40 roadsides. In the future, the company will install equipment at 220 locations and expand the scope to a maximum of 2000 vehicles.

"We are ready to respond to the arrival of smart cars and can approach our goal of zero deaths and real-time situational awareness on Utah roads," said Utah Department of Transportation Braceras.

After all Panasonic of home appliances is alive

"Panasonic is the world's second-largest consumer electronics consumer and has a wealth of experience in consumer electronics," said Moscovitz, CEO of Panasonic North America, who last re-emerged.

LUMIX introduces the full frame mirrorless digital camera "LUMIX S1H". Positioned as “the highest peak of mirrorless video packed with innovations in the industry”, capable of shooting 10-bit internal 4K suitable for HDR video, 4K shooting at 60 frames per second, and achieving 6K video Introduction. "Panasonic has become the official camera sponsor of the Tokyo Olympics, and will be setting up a LUMIX service center for the first time in the Tokyo Olympics."

  • Mirrorless digital camera "LUMIX S1H"

In addition, technics brand wireless headphones "EAH-AZ70W" was announced. "In addition to providing the sound quality expected of technics, we utilize the best noise canceling technology and achieve industry-leading levels of noise cancellation." Here, the technics brand turntable "SL-1200 Mark7" was also introduced.

  • Technics brand wireless headphones "EAH-AZ70W"

In addition, the "RZ-S500W" equipped with dual hybrid noise canceling technology was announced. "Panasonic's proprietary bass reproduction technology, Extra Bass System Deep, also offers a product that allows you to enjoy the low end to the maximum. It is also ideal for genres with a lot of bass such as rap, and sounds that match your lifestyle You can enjoy it. "

  • “ RZ-S500W '' equipped with dual hybrid noise canceling technology

In addition, the SH-HTB01 gaming speaker compatible with DOLBY ATMOS will be released in North America from this summer, saying, "Innovative speaker that supports advanced technology of dynamic 3D sound. The final of Square Enix where you can enjoy epic stories It is recommended for use in Fantasy 14. It can specialize in game play and provide a sound field that enhances the experience. "

  • Gaming speaker "SH-HTB01"

In addition, "TX-65 HZ2000 OLED" was announced as an organic EL TV. "With a Master HDR OLED Professional Edition panel, it achieves significantly better peak and average brightness levels than other OLEDs. One of the world's first TVs to support Filmmaker mode, developed by the UHD Alliance. "

  • TX-65 HZ2000 OLED

Finally, Moskovitz concludes, “ The products that enable these innovations will enable us all to have a better experience, and ultimately deliver A better life, A better world. '' Was.

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