"Pancake" I really hate … Highly-educated entertainer, Masaru Yumeya

A comedy known as the rhythm story of “I want to eat pancakes!”, Masaru Yumeya [21] recently reviewed 19 years of breaks in response to a daily sports interview. Yumeya, who is also a student at the Faculty of Economics at Keio University, published the first essay “I want to eat pancakes. I really want to eat it” [Treasure Island] on the 25th of last month. He quotes Steve Jobs' comments and confesses his experience of being bullied in the past. He declared his goal of 20 years as “I want to live alone!”

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Yumeya performed a pancake story on New Year's Day's NTV “Guru Nai Oshiroso. It became a hot topic on SNS and broke at a stretch. “January, February, and March, I felt like I had progressed without thinking about anything. Every day I had some work, I couldn't think about the following. I have n’t had enough time, so I do n’t have much memory. What calmed me was Golden Week, and I felt relieved. ”

Originally, I made a story centering on Conte. "I was doing something dangerous that couldn't be published [in the article], or genre-like religious politics. That was what I wanted to do." Of course, the exposure is less. It happened. “Even if I do that, I can't go out on TV [laughs]. So I feel like I made it [rather than pancakes]. I wanted to do a bright one. I got to know a little, and I got the image of “Pancake Man.” My friend's response has changed a bit. [Laughs] "

However, during the break, it was a day of self-answered questions. “From January to May this year, only people who thought“ Dream-chan ”and“ I want to eat pancakes ”could do it. It might have been a fulfilling life. I wasn't very satisfied with it. "

I had time to think because my work settled down after Golden Week. “Since June and July, I have been able to do other jobs such as magazine models and fashion shows.” The offer to write a book was around that time. “It was only in August that I had talked about it, and it took about two months when I wrote it. It was my first time writing.”

For the first essay, “I'm not going to do it in two months [laughs]. I wanted to spend about a year, but I was caught up by the deadline.” However, the content is an authentic essay that is unlikely to be 21 years old and includes serious themes such as isolated junior high school days and bullying on social media. “I think Masaru Yumeya on TV is a different personality that I switched on in one thing. In other words, the content written in the book is plain. Well, in a class caste, you say positive or negative characters.I think that you are positive from the surroundings, but that's not the case. [Manga magazine] I like it, so I'm glad I was able to communicate that kind of thing. "

I also tried a novel. While making a tribute to the anime "Touch", it includes some surreal content. “I loved reading books since I was a child. Mr. Koyo Ozaki's“ Golden Nightshare ”and Mr. Hisakusaku Yumeno. I like the touch rather than the book content, I like the writing and the beauty.The people who are said to be great writers are all in beautiful writing and very expressive, so they are drawn there It ’s now. ”

This book is a complete book of Yumeya, including both sides of the book, including quotes from Apple founder Steve Jobs, including the similarities in the “view of life” and sexuality. It seems that he feels a certain sense of achievement after writing. “I wonder if the essay should be about before death. I really like the book, so I'd like to write a longer novel this time.”

I went to Keio University from Keio University attached to Keio University, and now belong to a seminar in the third year of economics. “In 1 or 2 years, we use macro-micro, statistics, and Excel to produce deviation values… I am doing that kind of thing. Now I'm interested in stocks and FX personally, not as a comedian. I hope I can make money as a side job.Since money is important, I must manage my assets [laughs]. "

However, the main business is just a comedian. I'm drawing a future image while facing my worries. “I felt that this year was a big difference between the trouble of not selling and the trouble of getting it on TV. ”, Now it is“ That TV has failed so much. ”In that sense, the environment has changed.”

The eyes that look at your current position are also calm. “With your feedback, I personally thought that maybe I wouldn't be able to run through for a year. Well, on December 31, 2019, I probably didn't look like this. I thought I would die [expiration date] around July or August.Somehow, I had a lifetime, so 20 years, I wanted to be a entertainer and do a solo live Because there is, there is a desire to write a new story in one person's time instead of a rhythm story.

However, I do not intend to seal “pancake”. "This story is this story. I hate it [laughs]. After I made it, I didn't want to do it, I was overbreathing [laughs]. Just an important story that saved me. As this material, I'm also looking forward to seeing what it feels like when knees hurt 20 years later. “I want to eat pancakes,” she said. “I wonder if it was good to leave memorable things.”

While aiming to evolve as a breakaway shop and comedy entertainer, the pancake entertainer continues. It was such a dream shop, but when the interview was over, I was disgusted. “In fact, I don't eat much carbohydrates.”

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◆ Masaru Yumeya was born on April 2, 1998 in Tokyo. Appeared in commercials such as electric power companies as a child as a child. Appeared and scouted for laughter live at Keio High School. This year, she also made her model debut and appeared in “Tokyo Girls Collection”. Genderless fashion is also a topic. As for romance, “I'm not interested, or it ’s pretty low in priority. I ’ve never been to a joint party.” Family is parents. I am close to the combination of my office senior, Maple Chogokin. Obtained Kanji test level 2 and English test level 2. Height 175 cm. Blood type A.

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