Para-Swimming Kimura to the Tokyo Games "Gold in any form"

Keiichi Kimura [29=Tokyo Gas], a men's para-swimmer [visually impaired S11], vowed to overcome the anxiety and challenge the Tokyo Paralympic gold medal.

Attended an online conference held by the Japan Federation of Physically Disabled People's Swimming Federation and the Japan Intellectually Disabled Person's Swimming Association on the 22nd, saying, "While and when the Tokyo Paralympic Games will be held, I will train for the gold medal. I want to go."

Kimura won the 100-meter butterfly of the World Championship [London] in September last year and was nominated as the representative of the Tokyo Games. He has six silver, three bronze medals in three consecutive tournaments from Beijing in 2008, but is not associated with a gold medal. In order to achieve the long-cherished wish, the base was moved to the United States from May 2018 to strengthen it, but returned to Japan in late March due to the spread of new coronavirus infection.

"I want to return to the United States, but I am not standing. If I can return to the United States, it means that the Tokyo Paralympics can be held. It is unclear whether it will be held or how it will be held, but when the Paralympic will come I want to build up every day so that I can do it." Kimura continues to make adjustments in Tokyo for the time being, while worried about Corona's failure to predict convergence.

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