Parachute unit co-starring with Corona infected Goriken is negative

A comedy combination that appeared on the same program as the comedian Goriken [46], who announced the new coronavirus infection on June 6, and parachute units Yano Y ぺ ぺ [41] and Yu Saito [41] updated Twitter on the 9th, He revealed that he was negative for the new coronavirus.

The parachute unit and Gori-ken co-star on the documentary variety show "Goripara Kanryoku" [Friday at 0:55] on TNC TV West in Fukuoka.

Saito reported, "Just yesterday, both parachute units were negative after a PCR test." "I'm very healthy and I'm living at home listening to my wife's mood!" He tweeted and said, "Gori-Ken seems to be getting better!"

Yano also wrote that both of the PCR test results were negative, saying, "Health is healthy. I feel relieved that Gori-ken's condition is stable. When Gori-ken is fine and the situation calms down, I will travel again. Please take good care of your physical condition. "

The program is a trip to various parts of Japan for those who interviewed Gori Ken and the parachute unit in the streets of Fukuoka. It has announced that it will broadcast past works from the 10th.

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