Paravi: "Yoshihiko Brave" "Majika Gakuen" … 10 TV Tokyo dramas …

On March 12, a total of 10 works [15 seasons] including the TV Tokyo drama "Yoshihiko Brave" series began free distribution on the video distribution service "Paravi". This time, the added free delivery works are the first to third work of "Yoshihiko Brave", the first to third work of "Maji Suka Gakuen", "Hatsumori Bemmers", "Suzuki-sensei", "Investor Z", "Aoihonoo", "Koe" "Love", "Setsumi", "From Miyamoto to Kimi", "Soaked Detective @ Hai Mizuno" [TV Tokyo version & Paravi version]. Free period until the 31st of the same month.

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