Park 24, HOYA◆today’s record noting the brand name◆

*08:45JST Park 24, HOYA◆today’s record noting the brand name◆
Park 24<4666>

2019 year 10 year on year earnings. Operating income compared with the same period last year 1. 0%, a decrease of 223. 22 billion yen. 2020 Year 10 month period of the previous year 19. 6%, an increase of 26.7 billion yen. Consensus[25.5 billion yen]exceeded the plan to that. Times Parking management the number 20208 cases,the operation number is 634513 units, size of vehicle number of 61000 units [including car sharing service vehicle unit sales 30000 units] expected.


Rising to 25 Days line the support line for the uptrend to continue. 11 on 28 Hidaka value 10135 yen to peak and adjust only that, but the 25-day line across the bottom of the rigid movements that it. Weeks shape will rise to the 13-week line to the support line and the strong trend is continuing. In less than a month, a rise of 9 months Line the support line and the trend to form. 《CS》

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