Part・time and temporary employees,6% greater at the new corona of the impact your dips survey

Job sites to operate the dip, the part・time and temporary staff for the new corona virus due to the impact of the findings, and 6% greater in some of the effects, and the future and contain up to 8% greater in the effects so it.

【Here】New Corona related to the management of the course, and nationwide, 51 to Tokyo Shoko Research examines

■The operation of a member is 6% greater

Job sites to operate the dip is a”new type of corona virus due to the work of the impact study”of the results announced. The 13th member[5000 samples] released the minutes. The new coronavirus is the influence of out asked,”and it”is 26. 2%,”and it”is 36. 5%, and 6% or more in already affected out. Or”influence is not out, but coming out to think”is 20. 6%in in the future, and contain up to 8% or more can impact and believes,”the impact of any future out I don’t think”is 16. 8%remained.

■Event-related are 9% greater in the impact your

Implications for the content industry is asked,the most percentage was high for the event[concert management]at 92. 8% [closed when: 43.5%,working hours and days were reduced: 49.3%,unchanged in the future is reduced, so: 0.0%, hereinafter the same]. The service[hotel]is 72. 3%[10.1%,62.2%,6.8%],service[theme Park,amusement facilities]is 65. 9%[25.7%,40.1%,8.4%],food・food 61. 8%[9.1%,52.8%,12.1%],sales [Department stores,malls, and other large-scale commercial facilities]is 59. 8%[4.9%,54.9%,6.6%],sales[apparel, General merchandise, home appliances, Mobile]is 56. 0%[6.2%,49.8%,11.5%]etc.

■Low due to the effect of super・convenience, cleaning, light work, etc

Conversely, the most percentage was low, and sales[supermarkets and convenience stores・home centers・drugstores]in 20. 8% [closed by: 3.5%,working hours and days were reduced: 17.3%,unchanged future it’s: 6.9%, the same below]. Some cleaning 29. 3%[5.8%,23.6%,7.2%],light work is 29. 5%[7.6%,21.9%,10.9%],office[clerical, planning, etc.] 31. 5%[8.9%,22.6%,11.6%],factory・manufacturing 35. 0%[5.9%,29.1%,9.1%]become such as that.

■Virus due to the influence of unemployment is 16%

14 day temporary staff [1000 samples] min released. The new corona virus due to the impact of unemployment was there and asked,”unemployed May”and the answer was the percentage of people who 16. 0%. This out of the workplace for the convenience and the answer was 10. 0%,The applicant is 6. 0 percent.

■Temporary employees in 6 divided over the impact your

Employed people subject to the new corona virus the effect of is out question,”and it”and the answer is 24. 4%,”and it”is 37. 4%, the combined 61. 8%already in it.

“The impact has not come out in the future,and even affect to think”is 3. 9%,”the influence has not come out in the future,and the impact and think”is 19. 4% in the future and contain up to 8% greater in some of the effects believes. On the other hand”in the future there may be affected and think”is 11. 5%,”in the future all the effects I don’t think”is 3. 4 percent.

■In the service sector 16. 2%is closed to

Implications for content specifically about The asked,”closed when[stay at home], including”IS 8. 6%,”working hours and days[a shift]and the reduced number”is 11. 0%,”working hours and number of days [shifts]or reduced”is 16. 9%.

By industry, the service is”closed when[stay at home], including”IS 16. 2%more, for light work in the”working hours and number of days [shifts]or reduced”is 20. 7%and more,sold in”working hours and days[a shift]and I was asked”is 27. 3%,”working hours and number of days [shifts]or reduced”is 23. 5% and many have.

■Sales Industries time and the number of days is”somewhat increased”is 9. 8%

The impact as a”no change”is 59. 4% of what was,”working hours and number of days [shifts]and increase”is 3. 4%,”working hours and days[a shift]is increased”is 0. 7%was. Especially in the industry of selling”working hours and number of days [shifts]and increased”is 9. 8%, and the school children of stay at home such as working hard for the people of the substitutions have to ask the state that. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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