Participated in Nozomi Sasaki TV recording in the whirlpool without appearing in front of the interview team

A comedy duo who was reported to have an affair with multiple women, a wife of actress Unjash Ken Watanabe [47] and actress Nozomi Sasaki [32] was a regular panelist at the studio in Tokyo on the Fuji TV variety program "Tokoro JAPAN". We started recording [Monday at 10pm]. However, by the evening of the same day, it did not appear in front of the gathered interviewers.

Sasaki renewed his Instagram on the 12th and said about the affair of his husband, “I am very sorry that this time, my husband's unconscious behavior makes many people uncomfortable. I would like to have a solid discussion with the couple. I would like to continue my work in the future."

Sasaki married Watanabe in April 2017. In September 2018, he has a first child boy.

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