Participation in Satomi Ishihara Rehearsal to the torch relay production

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Organizing Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government held a rehearsal on March 15 in Tokyo prior to the Olympic Torch Relay, which begins in March. In Hamura, Kokubunji, and Hachioji, about 10 runners are expected to travel a total of about 2 km on a 200 km route with a real torch [length: 71 cm, weight: 1.2 kg].

Traffic is regulated around the route, including before and after the scheduled travel time. The torch does not ignite, but it is handed over assuming it is on fire, and the aim is to check the movement of the vehicle platoon.

The departure ceremony was held around 10:30 am at the sports center in Hamura City, where runners on behalf of the team took part. The first runner said, "I am very honored and excited to be selected. I will run as hard as I can."

Actress Satomi Ishihara [33], an official ambassador of the Torch Relay, also participated as a runner, responding to the cheering from the roadside with a smile of "Thank you". Many local government officials, including citizens, visited the site. Some people were wearing masks, possibly due to the spread of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus.

In the afternoon, we will drive along the promenade along the clear stream in Kokubunji City and try running without a vehicle platoon. After arriving at the park at the end of the day, Hachioji City will also test a production event. A spokesperson for the Organizing Committee said, "I want to check if there are any operational issues."

The torch relay started the soccer facility “J Village” in Fukushima Prefecture on March 26, and will travel 47 prefectures nationwide in 121 days. About 10,000 runners participate in the relay. [Joint]

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