Pastry maker,sales increase to continue the growth slowdown in the future is the corona, such as anxiety in even the Teikoku Databank survey

Teikoku data Bank announced that the domestic confectionery manufacturers sales continue growth, even though growth in the future with regard to severe and also this was.

【Here】Pastry maker of the image,the profile was”a bit” and”Meiji”

■Sales increase

12, the Teikoku data Bank in the domestic confectionery manufacturers 512 company the management of the survey announced. This is the company’s corporate Summary File”COSMOS2″, from 2018 FY net sales of proved domestic confectionery manufacturers 512 companies [sales of 10 billion yen or more]of sales, such as analysis.

2016~18 FY sales turned out to 506 sales looking at fiscal 2016, is 4 1 trillion,508 billion 700 million yen,17 fiscal year compared to the previous year, 2. 6 percent of the 4 trillion 2,587,4 billion 700 million yen, and 18 year is the same 2. 1% to 4 trillion 3,480 9 billion,700 million yen. Of the last survey from 2012 onwards from the increases will continue, but the growth rate has slowed.

■Disaster, such as sales of businesses increases

Sales increase or decrease in the percentage of companies found that,for fiscal year 2017, sales companies 51. 7%,unchanged in 7. 8% sales companies 40. 4%. 18 year just 49. 0%, 9.7%,41.3%, and the increased proportion of the company decreased,unchanged and sales companies is increasing.

Sales of the company, as the cause of the Osaka earthquake in Northern Hokkaido iburi Eastern earthquake, Japan heavy rain, such as natural disasters, by the impact of the manufacturing plant stopped by the store that closed was affected. Also foreign tourists by the inbound demand,depending on the region ended that.

■It’s very hot in ice cream sales

Product sales look at,the intense heat by the ice cream and the heat of the candy sales, the market is shrinking trend in gum, the Department store slump and gifts for the fall in demand for more rice crackers doldrums. Sales channels in another, a supermarket and a drugstore for chocolate has remained strong on the other hand, heavy rains and earthquakes, such as in closed for motorway service area for impact there was.

■Work history is short, for companies in a strong performance to stand out

512 companies in business history in another, and 50 years more than 100 less than most 251 companies [total of 49. 0%, hereinafter the same], some in more than 30 years and 50 years are 101 companies [19.7%], more than 100 years, has 89 companies [17.4%], 10 years and 30 years are 57 companies[11.1%] less than 10 years, has 14 companies[2.7%]as well.

However, business history is another of the sales increase or decrease in see work history less than 10 years and 10 years more than 30 years in the industry of increased corporate the proportion of 6 percent over 30 years, more than 50 years in 52. 0%in business history for more than 50 years, 100 years,100 years or more of enterprise revenue growth companies half cracking become. Looking further ahead,the new corona virus due to the impact of foreign visitors reduces the number of possibilities pointed out,”difficult”and. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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