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PC version Horizon Zero Dawn debuts "pros and cons", defects promise "improvement with top priority"-Engadget Japan version

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<p>Horizon Zero Dawn</p>
<p>The Steam version of "Horizon Zero Dawn," which Sony brought into the PC with its exclusive PS4 title, was a turbulent start with a lot of trouble reports despite its strong sales.</p>
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"Horizon Zero Dawn" is a SF open world RPG that was released in 2017 as the main title of PlayStation 4 exclusive and became a hit over 10 million in the world. Developed by Sony studio Guerrilla Games.

The Steam version released in August 2020 by Sony's new strategy keeps the sales ranking high as it is a surprising expected work that can be played on PC itself, while Steam user review evaluation is “pros and cons'' ..

This is because before the evaluation of the game content, it frequently crashes during installation, optimization or play, some players report that the progress is rewound, the frame rate drops due to a mystery, becomes unstable. , It seems that even with a GPU that meets the requirements with a margin, even with other multi-work GPUs with performance that beats PS4 Pro, it is evaluated low due to the fact that the performance will be the same or less for some reason. Most of the reviews I've lowered are technical.

Developer Guerrilla Games said on the next day of launch that it was aware of the "crash and other technical problems experienced by some players" in response to this reaction, and that it will investigate and respond as its own top priority issue. I will.


Apart from crashes, which may occur frequently or not at all, what seems to be bugs and defects around graphics can be seen well in the analysis video of the familiar Digital Foundry.

Especially useful is the latter half after the explanation of the effect of graphic options is over. From things that seem to be defective to what seems to be specifications, such as detailed mysterious behavior, frame drop, some animation elements that are fixed at 30 fps even with a GPU that can maintain 60 fps or more.

In addition, the PS4 version of Horizon Zero Dawn can be selected with resolution priority targeting 4K of checkerboard rendering or performance priority when running on PS4 Pro, but even if performance priority is given, the resolution will be lowered to a more stable 30 fps. You can't set a higher limit or 60fps limit.

If the reason for playing on the PC version is high frame rate, if you can get the target 60 fps even if it is a little unstable, or if it is much higher than 30 fps, you may be convinced that it is at least generally smoother than PS4 Pro.

However, I'm worried that even a GPU that meets the operating requirements and runs smoothly with no problems with performance may experience a large drop in performance, probably due to lack of optimization. Digital Foundry shows an example where even the GTX 1060 configuration that allows the same Strima of the Decima engine to move comfortably at 1080p60fps, the horizon will drop to an unstable 1080p30fps or lower after setting up the settings.

Especially fans who have played on PS4 (Pro) will probably be better than PS4 Pro on mid-range GPUs too, but this time I want to play with high resolution and high frame rate and I can not see it at the same or less.

(Of course, I think that some players do not have the PS4, they want to play with the mouse, but they are not as good as the original performance but as good as the console or less)

In any case, since the guerrillas have declared that they will work on fixing the problem as "top priority issue", it seems better to wait for the patch than to proceed crying with a crash or progress reset.

Steam: Horizon Zero Dawn™ Complete Edition

As an aside, there is no function (for now) to synchronize or import PS4 save data. In the case of PC games, PlayAnywhere titles on Xbox, etc., you can play again with hardware that substitutes the game that was stopped midway, or you can play "strong and new game" with high image quality setting that is different from the first lap. If Sony will continue to develop PS and PC multi-deployment, I would like to see some sort of save compatibility and cross-play.

Further digression. Blocking Horizon's top Steam sales ranking is Devolver Digital's "Fall Guys." Although it is not a Sony work, PlayStation is the only console for now, and PS Plus subscribers have been free-played at no additional cost, so the number of players has increased at a stretch, and the number of distribution and topics is increasing, the top sales on Steam Seems to have contributed to.

CoD:MW2 remaster is free for PS Plus in August. Featured 60-Party Game Fall Guys Debuts Freeplay

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is released on August 7th, complete edition with graphic enhancement with DLC included

PS5 "Horizon: Forbidden West" announced, SF open world RPG sequel (Horizon Forbidden West)


The sequel announced for PS5, Horizon Forbidden West (Forbidden West), is also worrisome about PC deployment.

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