People who get tired of the hot pot in the winter may be saved by going to a “pork soup shop” / Tokyo, where you can taste premium pork soup

Recently, there has been an increase in the desire for warmth. If you make a supplement before receiving any misunderstandings, the wording just before means "I want to eat warm food because it's a cold season". Speaking of winter, it is a classic hot pot dish,Sometimes I want to warm up with something different.

A store was found by chance that would accept the faint outlaw spirit of the author. The name of the restaurant is “Feast Soup”. As the name suggests, the store is very rare.A store specializing in pork soup that handles only pork soupIt is.

I thought that I could see something good, so I headed to Yoyogi, Tokyo, where the store is located.

Just a short walk from Yoyogi Station's West Exit, you will be greeted by a sign of “Feast Soup”. By the way, the abbreviation seems to be “Gototon”.

Under the eaves,Tonjiru set meal specialtyStanding signboard with the characters " It is valuable literature that suggests the possibility of being very happy.

If you enter the store and open the menu table,A garden of pork soup that won't disappointWas spreading. “Gototon pork soup [640 yen]”, “Seriored pork soup [890 yen]”, “Keima curry pork soup [840 yen]” and “Ginger-grilled pork soup [790 yen]”. This is the first time I have seen so many pork soups lined up.

As expected, it is a specialty store. I was worried about what to choose, but the most orthodox and obscene "Gochiton pork soup"Simple is Best"The truth was added, so I ordered it.Additional 250 yen payment, set meal setI will never forget that.

If you look closely, the menu table will also show “How to enjoy a meal" Thank you very much.

Today, we decided to live according to this and waited for more than a dozen minutes of pork soup from a specialty store.

Burny pork with burntHowever, it is eye-catching because it has a charm different from that of ordinary pork soup.

While remembering the previous “How to Enjoy”, first put the large pork in the bowl with chopsticks …

Put a little on the rice and let it bounce, then throw it into your mouth. At that moment, rich fat melted away. Really delicious.Juicy like never before in pork soupIt is. The rice eaten with the same taste is also delicious.

Next, put chopsticks on the vegetables. For pork and vegetables,Gentle taste of miso soupI ca n’t help but soak.

It is said that Kyushu wheat miso is used as the base, and the sweet seasoning gradually spreads. Although it seems to have a deep taste from the appearance color,If you taste it, it's elegantIt is.

This elegance is hard to experience on a regular basis. Besides, everything is warm.I'm happy with the warmth. Neither chopsticks nor lotus will stop.

The raw egg that came with the pork soup was the last thing to finish when the inside of the cage became lonely.

Combine this with the remaining rice and put it in the bowl.Eat as a miscellaneous meal. In the menu table, “How to Enjoy”This is the climaxIt ’s an arrangement method that says “

When I tasted the food in front of the new one again, I was sure that it was a climax. A rich body of pork soup that is different from the previous one is born. This way of eatingYou can taste without leaving a dropSo in that sense, satisfaction is high. The warmth is also very good.

Regardless of whether it is pork soup or not, quality seems to be indispensable for running a specialty store. If the dish that is familiar to everyday life called pork soup is in the hands of this shopWhat gives off a premium feelingIt has become.

Like the author, I would definitely recommend it to those who are tired of the hot pot in the winter, as well as other people. If you are interested, why not try this special “feast”?

・ Store information introduced this time

Store nameFeast soup
Street address1-3-3-2 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
business hours11: 30-22: 30
Regular holidayNo holidays

Report:Daiki Nishimoto

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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