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Perfect for children to sleep. The essential bedtime gadget in my home is an alarm clock !: Wama's gadget childcare diary-Engadget Japan

YABAEAya Ozawa is raising a 2-year-old child by working together.

Serialization"Wadama's Gadget Childcare Diary"In the 19th session, we will introduce you to our sleeping machines.

A child who has never slept since babyhood. At night, my tension rose, jumping, dancing and laughing, and I struggled to stay asleep anyway. In the middle of the night, when I looked into the bedroom to see the child's sleeping face, I found that I was waking up … [see image above].

He was a child, but thanks to his recently introduced gadget, he has come to sleep easily.


YABAE's "alarm clock"! Den!

Even though it is an alarm clock, do you fall asleep …? What do you mean? Some people may have wondered.

The YABAE alarm clock comes with a "sunrise mode" in which the light gradually gets brighter according to the set wake-up time, and a "sunset mode" in which the light gets darker as you go to bed. When you wake up, you will not only wake up comfortably, but also play an active part in the evening with your children.


Gentle light like indirect lighting, 30 minutes*It gradually darkens over time. It is also important to be able to set natural environment sounds such as birdsong, insect sounds, and waves. In my home, the sound that the bonfire crackles is my favorite and I set it well. I'm glad I can relax.
* Brightness can be adjusted from 10 to 60 minutes before wake-up time or from 10 to 120 minutes before bedtime


In my dual-income home, the starting time for bed-sharing is delayed. You have to put your child to sleep. In such a case, if you set the YABAE alarm clock to "sunset mode", the child who was talking on the futon while talking will easily fall asleep!


A two-year-old who has approached Setsubun and has learned the concept of "oni" at a nursery school. Recently, I sometimes cried, "Oni-kuru!"

I was asleep and I was wondering what happened, but I'm glad I introduced the YABAE alarm clock!


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