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To you who are wondering how to make a party such as a year-end party. There is a special app that is popular but exciting.

Side-by-side help app “Bingo machine to help the secretary-ideal for Christmas parties and year-end parties”

Speaking of a game that will surely get excited at drinking parties and parties … Yes, it is “bingo”. I love it too.

There are various ways to excite even if you say bingo in one bite. For example, using a “bingo machine” to advance the game in earnest is one way.

This year's entertainment is “Bingo machine to help the secretary-ideal for Christmas parties and year-end partiesWhy do not you excite the place with?

Easy-to-see numbers and fun productions are GOOD!

As its name suggests, the app is an app-type bingo machine.

When you start the app, the letters “BINGO” will appear on a yellow background. In addition, with "BGM" that creates a fun atmosphere. If you touch the title screen as it is, the slot started immediately.

To stop the slot, just touch the screen once.

If you press the "CHECK" button below the number, you can check the list of numbers that have been displayed so far. BGM continues to flow when the list is opened at the time of slotting, but the volume is naturally “small” for the latter. According to the description field of the app, it seems to be automatically reduced to “make it easier for the moderator to read the number”. What a kid!

If you want to reset the game, just press and hold the "RESET" button in the upper right corner. The app can be used on iPad as well as iPhone.

The numbers are also very easy to see, so this should make the game run smoothly.

If you are having trouble with entertainment, please use the “bingo machine that helps the secretary”.

Bingo machine to help the secretary-ideal for Christmas parties and year-end parties- ・ A sales agency: KEITA YASUI
・ DL price when posting: Free
・ Category: Game
・ Capacity: 27.3 MB
・ Version: 1.0
* Capacity is at maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

© 2016 Yasui Keita

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