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Phantom cat lip appeared for the first time in 3 years! Enjoy playful makeup that shines in the early summer sunlight with "Paul & Joe Lipstick L"

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Sold out immediately by Paul & Joe, the cat lip that became a phantom appeared for the first time in 3 years! A freshly colored lip that shines in the sunlight of early summer"Paul & Joe Lipstick L"Says that it has a two-layer structure in which a vivid lip color is wrapped in a transparent lip base, and it creates a fresh, glossy lip that looks like a single layer of gloss. I tried to verify the color development and feeling of use that I was interested in quickly!

Revived after 3 years! Paul & Joe's cat lips reappear with flashy colors and transparent colors!

Paul & Joe BeauteIs a makeup brand that started in 2002, reflecting the world view of the fashion brand “PAUL & JOE”. A product for adult women who, with the concept of "cosmetics that proposes a lifestyle of Parisiennes that thoroughly enjoys life," is particular about not only the cosmetic effect but also the package that makes you happy. Is being deployed.

Package containing "Paul & Joe Lipstick L"

In such a Paul & Joe Beaute summer 2020 collection, the illusory cat lip that immediately sold out each time it was released appeared for the first time in 3 years!"Paul & Joe Lipstick L" (all 3 types, price 3,000 yen excluding tax, released on May 1, 2020 * Limited quantity)Is a lip that features a bright, fresh luster that shines in the early summer sunshine.

Lip case for "Paul & Joe Lipstick L"

The lip case has a simple baby pink design. The cap is designed with the symbol motif "Crysantheme", which is easy for adult women to use.

Three arranged "Paul & Joe Lipstick L"

The color variations are clear yellow x vivid orange 004 "Soleil de Tet", clear blue x summer pink 005 "Brattie Cat", rainbow pearl x pink beige 006 "Lumiere du Soleil".

"Paul & Joe Lipstick L" with three arranged cat motifs

A mixture of jojoba oil, lavender oil and cocoa butter will give you a dry moisturizing lipstick with a single application. I'm happy in the spring and summer when I am concerned about drying due to ultraviolet rays.

Lip part of "Paul & Joe Lipstick L" shaped like a cat

The lip has a two-layer structure with a highly colored lip color (inside) and a lip base (outside) that adheres the lip color to the lips. It is made with both cuteness and functionality!

Looking at the colors with my arms, 004 is an orange that gives a healthy impression, 005 is a bright red pink, and 006 is an adult-like terracotta color. Three vivid colors that can withstand the bright sunlight of summer.

Clear blue x summer pink 005 "Blatty Cat" that leads to a fresh vivid pin clip

Playing "Paul & Joe Lipstick L"

First, try 005! I'm looking forward to seeing what the finish will look like when the outer clear blue and the inner summer pink are combined.

When applied to the lips, it feels like you are taking care of it with lip balm and it feels smooth on your skin! As it colors to bleed out quickly, it can be applied nicely and casually to give a beautiful finish.

Contrary to the colorful appearance, when you actually put it on, the color is more elegant than you imagined. The pin clip has a transparent and pure impression that is similar to layered lip gloss.

Let's also look at the other two types of finish.

004 is a lively and healthy orange color. The vivid orange adds a feeling of missing and creates a familiar atmosphere.

006 is a beige brown with a calm tone. The delicate pearls are blended while keeping the color tone, so the gorgeousness is alive. Recommended colors for night scenes where you want to create a feminine atmosphere.

Phantom Cat Lip is on sale for a limited time only in the summer collection, so if you are looking for it, get it soon!

"Paul & Joe Lipstick L"I felt that it was a natural lip color that added a complexion to the lips, and it was a convenient lip that did not choose the color of the lips. The appearance is cute, so it's recommended not only as a reward for yourself but also as a gift.

Items will be available for pre-order on April 17th, and can be purchased from May 1st at Paul & Joe Beaute stores nationwide! This item is limited to the summer 2020 collection, so don't miss it if you are looking for it!

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