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Phantom Nintendo PlayStation sold for about 38 million yen. Oculus founders also participate in bidding-Engadget Japan

The Nintendo PlayStation, a super Nintendo with a CD-ROM, has been released as a result of being developed through a partnership between Nintendo and Sony. From February this yearIt was exhibited at a major auction siteWas finally sold for $ 360,000.
This machine isAuction listing was announced in December last year, Bidding started in the middle of February this year. On the way, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey also joined, and bid for the highest price at that time.I was tweeting.

Shortly after the bidding started, it reached $ 350,000 and the focus was on how high it would be, but in about three weeks it climbed to $ 10,000. Palmer mentioned earlier, "The Nintendo PlayStation is very, very cool, but I think only a handful think it's worth $ 300,000."

Certainly $ 360,000 is a tremendous amount as a game machine, but Terry Diebold who discovered this hardware said that there was an offer to buy from a Norwegian rich man for $ 1.2 million, less than a third May be dissatisfied with the successful bid amount.
Still, Terry won $ 75 at the debt consolidation auction, an exceptional bargain.
And Nintendo PlayStation, which was jointly developed by Nintendo and Sony, now competitors in the game business, has been able to connect to the world line of "if you can play CD-ROM games at Sufami". In addition, the historical significance that Sony developed its own game console and laid the foundation for the birth of the PS Series might have been a bargain for the successful bidder for $ 360,000.

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