“Phase transition”in the use of tertiary battery is high voltage,expansion of the power supply to the University of Tsukuba Research

“Tertiary battery”is nowhere to room temperature, such as by the heat of the charged battery, and replacement and management is unnecessary as a power source big expectations for that. However, it has been studied at a tertiary batteries electromotive force is too small, the practical application is far been.

【Here】The University of Tsukuba and focus systems,tertiary battery the implementation of the research center

University of Tsukuba Research Group 6, the phase transition is a phenomenon called utilizing the high voltage of the tertiary batteries, the successful development of announced. The tertiary battery of electromotive force 39 on the order of Milli-Volts in,120 mm bolts to EMF can raise your.

Tertiary battery the surrounding temperature changes by a self-sustaining power to the rack, installation anywhere and characteristics. Therefore, from this IoT Society for the sensor’s power supply as you can.

University of Tsukuba Research Group for the fabrication of successful tertiary battery of electromotive force, a 39 mm bolt was. For that alone, sensors and other equipment to operate too electromotive force is low, the practical application is realistic and it wasn’t.

This research group is at room temperature, the phase transition causing the material tertiary material of the battery can be used for that purpose. Phase transition and, for example, water and water vapor of the same substance is the change of temperature by significantly changing the nature of the phenomenon can. Phase transition by the redox potential fluctuates, and the tertiary battery by applying an electromotive force is greatly increased, and thought of you.

As a result, this is 3 times that of a 120 mm bolt degree of the electromotive force to overcome. Used cobalt pull-Chambre called an inorganic substance. Cobalt Persian blue is a composition by the phase transition the presence or absence of change, for the fine control necessary material. This achievement is the atomic level of the substance and the nature of understanding is made by you.

Thus, the phase transition to tertiary batteries can be used in a large electromotive force can be obtained,the practical application of approaching and. The optimal composition and structure of the phase transition Material, Design, and development by tertiary battery society will be implemented and it is expected.

This achievement 4 date of the Scientific Reports magazine online edition published.

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