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Pictograms start moving at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics-Engadget Japan

Moving pict sportsgram
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The Tokyo Olympics to be held this summer. At present, the event is in danger due to the coronavirus problem, but the official "moving pictogram" has been announced.

A pictogram that expresses a concept in a simple diagram is a sign that conveys the contents intuitively, regardless of the language used, and is indispensable for station information. It is well known that the pictogram became widely spread in the last Tokyo Olympics in 1964.

A gimmick called "to start moving" has been added to such pictograms for the first time in the history of the Olympics. The “Tokyo 2020 Moving Sports Pictogram” announced on the 26th offers 50 pictograms representing sports events in 33 sports at the Olympic Games and 23 types in 22 sports at the Paralympic Games. Pictograms designed to resemble the 1964 Tokyo Games have movements that are characteristic of each sport.

Moving pict sportsgram
▲ Athletics
Moving pict sportsgram
▲ Sailing

Moving pict sportsgram
▲ Modern 5 types
Moving pict sportsgram
▲ Wheelchair fencing [Paralympic]

Masaaki Hiromura, a graphic designer, designed these designs. He is a professional on the road, working on many sign designs for the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation and the Railway Museum.Interview with NHKAccording to Hiromura, "it was difficult to find out which moment to cut out and find a balance there."

The idea of ​​this "moving competition pictogram" may be unique to the 21st century. Having a smartphone and a personal computer has made communication via video more familiar than ever. In addition, information displays at stations and stadiums have been replaced with liquid crystal displays, so the situation where "moving pictograms" can be used is being prepared.

Although the appearance of many lines is a little too lively, the moving competition pictograms, designed to convey the features of each competition, have a charm that will keep you tired of looking at them.

Tokyo 2020 Moving Sports Pictogram

© The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games


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