Pininfarina celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2020 | What is the result of the 85th anniversary competition?

Piñinfarina, Italy's leading carrozzeria, is approaching a milestone in the year 2020. Currently, while working on writing instruments, boats, and architectural design, Automobili Pininfarina is also developing the Battista Pininfarina, a hyper EV that demonstrates 1900 horsepower. It inherits the history of technology and design cultivated in 90 years and continues to power up the brand in various styles.

In 2015, Concorso Deleganza Pininfarina was held in Turin, the capital of Italian cars, to celebrate the 85th anniversary of its founding.

The new event is part of the Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio event, with 50 cars from Pininfarina's history displayed in the courtyard of Castelo del Valentino. Prior to this, he visited the center of the city and appealed to the people who gathered that the works of Pininfarina were works.

Among them, Lancia Florida was the winner. Announced in 1955, Florida was a concept model with Pininfarina mounted on an Aurelian chassis, and only one was built.

Lancia Florida was selected as the best award by a group of judges: Pininfarina Design Chief Fabio Filipini, Ferrari stylist Andrea Militello, and BMW Studio Manager Karim Hubbie. The award was based on the importance of Lancia's 85-year history, and the importance of having a major impact on the subsequent car design [a number of sub-streams were born].
Florida was formerly owned by a San Francisco-based owner, but is now owned by Collado Lopresto in Milan. In participating in the event, I came from Milan, where Loprest House is located, to Turin, but in the middle of the event, I was hit by heavy rain.
Numerous gems from around the world gathered in Turin, and a fierce battle was held over the winning trophy. A vintage car with a fantastic body in the hands of Carrozzeria, an Enzo-based Ferrari P4 / 5 from Jim Grickenhaus, a Fiat Cinquecento in 1992 with a pickup truck body, and the 50th anniversary of Pininfarina in 1980 One-off Ferrari Pinin Saloon made for The Pininfarina Factory Museum also displayed Nash-Healey prototypes and recent concept cars such as Cambiano and Sergio.
Gino Cohen's 1947 Chicitalia 202 received the Bovett Award as the most elegant car, and Anne Lee and Bob Lee exhibited the 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter Cabriolet, which Paolo Pininfarina himself Selected chairman award was given. This was due to the long-term friendship with the Lee family and the beginning of the collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina.

Paolo Pininfarina, the grandson of the first Pininfarina, said, “I am delighted to give this car a prize that I feel is the three generations of the company ’s history and the closest to the Pininfarina family. “The selection criteria depend on the aesthetics, but mainly depend on the passion of the car itself,” he said.
The finale of the main event, Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio, ended with a parade. From the Massimo d'Azerio Boulevard to the Palace of Venaria, traffic in the center of Turin was blocked for 14km, and hundreds of classic cars, supercars and show cars parade.

Organizers see such an event as a good opportunity when it comes to promoting Turin's rich automotive industry tradition to the world.

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