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Pixel smartphone's improved memory management technology will be expanded to other devices-Engadget Japan version

Official sources say that the memory management improvements implemented on Pixel smartphones will also be delivered to other smartphones in the future Android OS.

Google Google this week, a new feature update to Pixel smartphone "feature drops"AnnouncementDid. This includes not only photo blur editing and incoming call screening, but also memory management improvements.

And according to Sabrina Ellis, vice president of product management at Google, the improved memory management will be distributed to other Android smartphones. However, it is said that the period will be after the next Android version.

It's sound feedback that Pixel smartphones are equipped with advanced features and systems that can be extended to third-party smartphones. Pixel 4 has a modest memory capacity (6GB), similar to the previous Pixel series, but this design orientation may spread in the Android industry in the future.

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