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Pizza Hut renews tomato sauce for the first time in 30 years! We specially compared old and new eating!

Pizza Hut renews tomato sauce for the first time in 30 years

Pizza Hut has renewed its tomato sauce for the first time for 30 years!交 渉 After negotiations with the US headquarters, the version was upgraded to taste for Japanese people.

This time, we prepared two pizzas using the old and new sauces, so I'd like to compare how they changed!

Two pizzas that arrived at the editorial department. There is no big difference in appearance.

Immediately, I will get from the old tomato sauce you are used to.

Herbal aroma and sourness of tomatoes spread instantly in the mouth. Plenty of cheese and ingredients are entangled, so you can feel safe even with the usual taste.

Next we have a pizza with fresh tomato sauce.

Oh !? Mellow! Easy to eat because there are no thorns on the whole and sourness is suppressed!か You can feel the taste of the tomatoes, but it is slightly sweet. This is also delicious!

The impression is that the tomato sauce has evolved into a rich, mellow taste that has been transformed from a savory taste of herbs to a rich, mellow taste that both adults and children can enjoy.

The pizza delivered this time is a menu called "7 kinds of cheese and thick sliced ​​iberico". Juicy Iberico pork and generous cheese are luxurious pieces. It is also a high point that you can enjoy different cheese tastes depending on where you eat because each cheese is arranged in a rose. Of course, the compatibility with the new sauce is outstanding!

Currently, Pizza Hut is also running a limited time campaign where all pizza items are delivered 30% off with delivery. Why don't you take this opportunity to try a new and improved source?
(Some campaigns have not been implemented.)

Store: Pizza Hut
Menu: 7 kinds of cheese and thick slice Iberico
M size 2,900 yen ~
L size 4,500 yen ~
Official site:-Pizza Hut | Pizza Hut Online Ordering Online!

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