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Place your favorite colors where you want! A new multi-pen that can be freely enjoyed from the new KANEBO!

A multi pen that can be used freely!

Recently makeup is rut ​​… I want to enjoy it more freely. An item that excites the mind of such a slightly bored person“ Kanebo Drawing Dual Pen ''Is here! It seems like a multi pen that can easily make bicolor makeup, but can it be used anywhere? Does it fit bicolor? Check out the whole picture right now!

"I HOPE." Concept! Free makeup proposed by the new KANEBO

We rebranded with the word “ I HOPE. '' In order to reinvent itself as a cosmetics brand that can send out hopes that not only beauty but also everyone's personality can be happy.KANEBO.

This reborn KANEBO will release a multi-pen that can be freely enjoyed with creative ideas.“ Kanebo Drawing Dual Pen '' (4 types, 3,500 yen without tax, on sale February 7, 2020)It is.

You can use lip color, concealer, cheek, highlight, eyeshadow, etc. freely.

You can easily enjoy bicolor makeup with two special colors. You can use it with the two colors separated or use it with one tone!

All colors have good skin familiarity and have a silky texture that gives a gorgeous color while adhering to the skin. Challenge your first bicolor makeup with such new items!

Put your face on canvas! Free makeup that can be made only because of the dual type of two colors

First, I decided to use "03 Starry Unicorn" as an eye shadow. It is a bicolor of white and purple sparkling with polarized pearls, imagining a unicorn running through the starry sky.

Slip on the eyelids with purple down. The color grows smoothly with a light force because of good growth.

The purple color is gentle on the double part, and the white line runs over it elegantly. It adheres perfectly to the skin and does not fly.

Next, try using "04 Sunlight Moonlight" as the highlight of the C zone. It is a light color of silver and cream, imagining stars blinking in the light of the sun and moon.

Slip your skin white with your finger up and gently rub it with your fingertips. He brightened the eyes and produced a three-dimensional and transparent feeling.

Finally, cheek “02 Shortcake” on the cheek. It is a sweet and soft pastel color like a shortcake, and it has good skin familiarity and is very easy to use.

If you slide some lines on the high part of the cheeks and blur with your fingers, you will get a slightly soft and gentle expression. With this, a happy face made with three dual pens is completed!

The three used this time can be used as lip color, eyeshadow, cheek, etc. I was surprised at how many different uses can be made, such as using two-color separate parts for fine parts such as the eyes and blurring one part for wide parts such as cheeks!

Make your makeup more creative with Kanebo Drawing Dual Pen!

Speaking of bicolor items, it was an image that was difficult to adopt for beginners because the color was clear, but when you actually use “ Kanebo Drawing Dual Pen '', makeup is very fun to use and feel free to use naturally became.

Why don't you try coloring your face more freely like a canvas with the new KANEBO item?

Purchase from KANEBO dealers and official online shops nationwide!

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