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Plume Tech Plus will be selling at a new price of 2980 yen from February-Engadget Japan version

JT has been selling the heated tobacco "Ploom TECH +" and "Ploom TECH" at a new price since February 1. Plume Tec Plus has changed from 4980 yen [including tax, same hereafter] to 2980 yen, and Plume Tec 1.5 has changed from 3000 yen to 2500 yen.

Plume Tech and Plume Tech Plus are both low-temperature tobaccos. The liquid is heated to generate steam, which is then sucked through a capsule full of tobacco leaves. The major difference is the heating temperature. Plume Tech is at 30 ° C, but Plume Tech Plus is at 40 ° C and naturally has an increased amount of steam and has a strong absorption. In addition, the Plume Tech 1.5 model has the same usage and kick feeling as the previous model, but has a shorter charging time.


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