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Plump juicy ripe lips! Gel oil-based lip gloss "Excel Nuance Gloss Oil" is now available!

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Gel oil-based new gross from the popular cosmetics brand "Excel""Excel Nuance Gloss Oil"Is new! From pure color that is perfect for everyday use to deep color with a sense of trend, it seems that the lips are full of juicy lips with color variations that hold down the acupoints of girls. Try the comfort that you care about right away!

It's almost ripe fruit! Exquisite juicy color lip gloss

Tokiwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.“Excel” in (Minato-ku, Tokyo) is a cosmetics brand that has gained enormous popularity with its item development and delightful petit price that has kept the trend from Tokyo. This time, we will introduce the new release from such Excel"Excel Nuance Gloss Oil" (5 colors in all, suggested retail price 1,400 yen excluding tax, on sale March 17, 2020)It is.

All five colors are inspired by fruits. Exquisite shades in a wide variety of colors, from pure colors that are easy to use everyday to trendy deep colors. It contains seven kinds of vegetable oils, and it looks juicy while taking care of lumpy lips.

Smooth without being sticky though it is oil base! Both color development and color retention ◎

Try these new lip glosses! The color to use this time is "GO02 cherry glass". It is a berry pink like ripe cherry, and has a sexy lady-like lip.

As soon as you put it on your lips, you will be surprised at how good it is! The image was oily but sticky, but then it grew smoother and lighter than expected.

The spatula has a tapered tip, so it is easy to paint small areas such as the corner of the mouth and the upper lip, and the edges are smooth. It fits your lips with exquisite elasticity.

And the coloring is also amazing! Colorful, juicy & tasty lips, as if the real cherry fruit had popped. There is a sense of luster as if it were wet, making it look plump and volumey.

Use it on top of lipstick for a trendy finish with more color.

The trick is to paint more in the center to give a three-dimensional effect. By the way, the freshly applied color lasts until morning and noon. It was a little discolored when I ate, but it was easy to reapply beautiful colors when I repainted it. Thanks to the vegetable oil, I was not bothered by lumps, but I realized that they were even taking care of my lips.

Use different colors depending on your mood! I want to collect all colors

Vivid and beautiful color development, shiny oozing sensation, stylish design … I am very satisfied with the comfort and finish of such leading role lip gloss "Excel Nuance Gloss Oil". Every color must be attractive and you will want to have all colors!

Purchase from variety shops and official mail order sites nationwide.

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