Point exchange cooperation with "Real Estate Coin" and "Moppy" that can be used for real estate investment

Property agent can be used for real estate investment of the company on July 1Real estate coins", and the point site of Ceres"MoppyAnnounced the start of cooperation with. From the same day, it will be possible to exchange points of Moppy members for real estate coins.

Flow of point exchange

Flow of point exchange

Real Estate Coin is a real estate investment type cloud funding "Rimple, Etc., various services of property agents that can be used as 1 yen per coin.

With this collaboration, real estate coins have been added to the moppy point exchange items held by moppy members, making it possible to exchange points. You can exchange 1 real estate coin for every 1 moppy point.

The minimum exchange unit is 1000 points, and the exchange condition is that Rimple membership registration is completed in advance. When carrying out the investment procedure at Rimple, the real estate coins held will be automatically applied and the amount deducted from the applied amount will be transferred as the investment amount.

Property agents say that this point exchange cooperation will increase the option to increase assets by using points, enabling asset formation with a small amount.

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