Pointing out that the United States, which is in the middle of confusion due to racial problems, is becoming a failed nation


Pointing out that the United States, which is in the middle of confusion due to racial problems, is becoming a failed nation

Boasting the world's highest GDPSuperpowerIn the United States, the number of new coronavirus infections has become the highest in the world in recent years, and police officersAssault death caseSocial turmoil is conspicuous, with violent riots and pillages originating in the United States. Experts have given shocking remarks about the United States that "there are several signs of failure."

Is America a'failing state'? How a superpower has been brought to the brink

George Lenny, a politician at the University of Melbourne, said, "Until most recently, America was a failed nation until only the most radical critics argued. But today politicians commonly use it. You can see the signs in the indicators," and summarized the problems that American society has in recent years into the following three.

◆1: Race and class conflict

According to Lenny,Comparative politicsIn the field of, there is a great deal of interest in conflicts between peoples and races as an element of the failure of the nation. For example, in African countries where conflicts are constant, there are many conflicts over resources such as water and cultivated land.

Mr Lenny said of these conflicts, "It's a mistake to think that conflicts arise because of different ethnic groups. It's more about how inequality and poverty exacerbate racial and cultural fissures." I can say that."

"In the United States, many black people have been criminalized since they were born," Lenny said. The state of Michigan, which is suffering from the collapse of its social infrastructure following the closure of the General Motors factoryFlintThe situation in some poverty-stricken regions, such as cities, already looks like a failed state."

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◆2: Expansion of economic disparity

The United States has made good economic progress over the decades due to the plight of minority groups, but in recent years many Americans have become irrelevant to economic growth due to the widening disparity. There is. For example, between 1978 and 2018, the CEO of an American company's salary almost increased tenfold, but the average worker's salary growth during the same period wasLess than 12%was.

As a result of widening economic disparity, salary increases only for those who graduated from university,21% of American children are poorI came to gasp. Also, despite the fact that per capita health care costs are the highest in the world at twice the average in OECD countries, the health status of Americans isWorse than in OECD countriesIt is also believed that this is due to the lack of access to cheap medical care by many.

Regarding the relationship between widening economic inequality and social turmoil these days, Mr. Lenny said, "It is sometimes explained that the economic inequality is the cause of the recent riots, but this is a far cry from the big picture. Poor white Americans appear to be trying to combat the injustices of other races because Americans are uniformly poor: in a system where they continue to make themselves “have nothing”. We are fighting against another politically and economically separated group.”

◆3: Democracy crisis

The economic disconnect also threatens American democracy. A rigorous analysis of the elections held between 1982 and 2002 revealed that the willingness of the top 10% of people was more visible in the election results than the willingness of the average voters. I heard that. In this way, the situation in which the will of citizens is not properly reflected in politics is "Democracy deficitIs called.

"The racial conflict between blacks and whites in America is certainly important, but a more important point is often overlooked, because most Americans, regardless of race, are defeated. It is pointed out. He added, "The decline of the world's largest nuclear and military power would be horrifying, unprecedented, without any rational analysis. The task at hand is the oldest in the world to date. It is whether the continuing democratic nation can fulfill its ideals."

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