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Pokemon GO "Chillermy" limited research starts at 2pm on the 2nd. Large collection of young rats-Engadget Japan

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO's event "Chillermy Limited Research" will be held on February 2 from 14:00 to 17:00.

Chinchilla Pokemon's "Chillermy" hatches from limited field research tasks and 5km eggs, and Pokemon, Prasl Mayan, Latta and Marill are many Pokemon-like Pokemon that appear in childhood.

Pokemon GO
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"Limited Research" for "Chillermy"

By clearing the limited field research that can be obtained from PokeStop during the event, "Chinchilla Pokemon" "Chillermy" will appear. "Chirami" will evolve into "Chiracino" with "Ish no Ishi"!

Event date and time

Japan time February 2, 2020 (Sun) from 14:00 to 17:00

Event content

  • "Limited Research"-"Chillermy" appears by clearing field research limited to events

  • Pokemon related to child years appear more than usual— "Collata, Latta, Pikachu, Sand, Nidran, Nidran, Otachi, Marill, Zigzag, Prasl, Mynan, Bipa, Mines"

  • "Chillermy" appears from 5km egg-"Chillermy" is easier to return from the 5km egg ("Chillermy" will return from the 5km egg even after the event ends).

  • Appeared in different colors "Chillermy"-If you are lucky, you may be able to meet the different colors of "Chillermy"!

(So ​​far)

Chillermy hatches on the 5km egg even after the event, so if you don't get it on the 2nd, you won't miss it. On the other hand, during the event, the color difference rate is higher than usual wild and egg (there are many examples), so if you collect color differences, it is efficient to earn by limited research.

Pokemon GO: No.572 How to Obtain Chillermy, Different Colors, Weaknesses, and Countermeasures (Adult Pokemon Re-entry Guide)

The Lunar New Year event ends on the 3rd. Gift opening

Pokemon GO

The Lunar New Year event, which is being held from January 25, will also end on February 3. If you exchange, the chance is that the rate of Kira Pokemon and Kira Friend is rising.

Another special feature of this event is that mysterious candy comes out of the gift without any effort. If not opened, open it and give it from one end.

Pokemon GO Lunar New Year event summary. Increased probability of killer exchange, gifts and mysterious candy

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